Saturday, April 26, 2008

People’s mentality and the cell like behavior of a country.

This is a comment made by an anonymous reader in a previous post:

Hello - I was just down there a few weeks ago with some others who live in BA and their experiences vary greatly from yours. I messaged them the other day concerned things might be bad and they didn't share any of the same concerns.

I was curious if it's maybe the area they live in? Most live directly in downtown BA (Recoleta, Palermo, etc). Curious to hear your thoughts...

First thing to be said here, is that people have different points of view.

Many of us love this country in spite of it’s many problems and everyday injustices.
The problem is that some people are just blind to the reality around them.
Most of the people I know simply choose to stay here because of family, or because they have no means of leaving.
Very few will tell you a different version.

An architect I work with was so frustrated with our current presidents, she commented that she would love to see some wacko put a bullet into her head. She said and I quote, ( because I remember the words clearly) “Isn’t there anyone out there dying of cancer that knows how to shoot a rifle? Why not do everyone and favor and shoot that bitch?”)
One of the owners of the company that I work for calmly explained the other day that according to his experience we have a few months until another important crisis, but not to worry , because little will change until there’s a civil war.

These are not my words, but the words of the people I work with. People with education, professionals and business owners.
And this pretty much reflects the view you hear people express on the streets, conversations you overhear in the subway or in a bar.

Some (few in my opinion) people prefer to go into denial and say that everything is ok. But the majority don’t fool themselves.

Don’t kid yourself for a second: This situation we are in right now, with our current president, the wife of our previous president, is nothing short of a dictatorship.
Keep in mind that a few days ago the president used tattoo covered, ex con THUGS to beat up people that were peacefully protesting against the government.
This is no invention of mine, everyone saw it LIVE on TV. The days after that few comments were made about the incident, but it still happened.

They created a so called “Media monitoring department against discrimination” that bans and edits information on radio, printed press and TV that they consider “hateful” , or in other words anything they consider that goes against our current administration.

So there’s no freedom of speech here, and every now and then a reporter admits on TV that they get “calls” concerning what they should or shouldn’t say on TV or on the papers.
As far as I know none got killed, but many got fired, which is still pretty serious.

Back to the original post, Recoleta and Palermo are indeed two of the richest neighborhoods in the entire country.

While the rest of the country is dangerous, with many places being “ no man’s land” , called “zonas liberadas”, and you rarely see a cop patrolling the streets, in Recoleta you may find up to 4 cops covering a single block side.
The reason for this is that crime in general is so bad, that to ensure safety in the “good” neighborhoods, the ones where rich people live and where tourists visit, you need that much police.
You see, as the country went down into 3rd worldly status, it concentrates it’s efforts to sustain it’s core, in this case Buenos Aires and a few other cities.

Efforts are made to ensure as much as possible that these places don’t suffer power shortages, high crime rates, lack of food, etc.

The rest of the country, most suburbs and surroundings, are in some cases sacrificed to ensure the well being of the core, just like in any living organism.

Still, even with cops posted every 25 meters, people are still desperate enough that you hear about robberies occurring, sometimes ending up in shootings.

But people there have more money, they are better dressed, you can see them pleasantly chatting and going to their resto-bars or after-offices. :) Trying to pretend that things are different.

That’s the truth. In spite of all the glamour you may find in Recoleta, it is still Argentina and people do get robbed and killed. It’s not as common but it does happen, and anyone that says otherwise is full of shit.

I suppose that’s the thing about this country, you can’t escape it’s reality even if you try.

The smoke that covered most of the province for nearly two weeks a few days ago, including Buenos Aires city, affected rich and poor alike.

Inflation and food shortages too, affect everyone.

To the anonymous poster;
Your friends weren’t concerned with the farmers strike that left supermarkets without meat, milk and vegetables?

They weren’t concerned that they had a hard time breathing because of the out of control fires up north? Which had they occurred in any serious country, they would have evacuated half the city?

Aren’t they concerned that the farmers are two days away from striking again?
How about our minister of economy resigning yesterday? That doesn’t concern them either I guess.

This can all be veryfied with a quick google search.
It’s one thing to come here on vacations for a couple of days , and its another thing to live here.

Certain people enjoy going to Brazil, Africa or Cuba, but I doubt many would actually enjoy living there or understand what it’s like to do so.



Anonymous said...

There are many people here in the US that believe everything is fine and that their way of life will continue as it has in the past.

They see turmoil in financial markets, $120/oil, food riots and food rationing in their own country (USA) - yet they still refuse to believe anything is wrong.

I find this beyond astounding.

Anonymous said...

Question: If things are so bad down there, why do you stay?

FerFAL said...

1) Because I want to get my Architect diploma, that will ensure a better future, professionally, economically and on a personal level.
2) Because I want to move to USA, and for that I need the diploma to have a chance to apply for the H-1B visa.
3) I spent too much time already on this to quit now that I’m about to finish.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get what you want, but be sure to monitor conditions here in the United States, as they appear to be deteriorating rapidly.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious where in the US you'd like to relocate to? If I remember correctly, I recall you saying you have family in Spain.

Now I've never been to Spain (or Europe for that matter) but I'm very familiar with the non-cosmopolitan US (I live in flyover country). The way things are in this country, outside of say New York or Boston, I don't think you'd be very happy here unless you'd like to drive everywhere and live among dumbed down people.

Public and private buildings are built very cheaply now a days as are the roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure. The construction industry is in the shitter (depressed) and will be for many years to come; getting work as an architect will be difficult and unless your specialty is restoratation you'll be designing more crapola if you're lucky to find work in your field.

Have you looked into the Middle East or Asia? That's where the money is.

CEBA said...

Dear Ferfal,

I read your entire blog and it bitterly reminded me of what was going in my beloved and unfortunate Russia. Not nearly as grim crime situation there though.

Question for you, why did you say churches were closing right and left? Have they been subsidized by the government before the crisis?

And what is your perception of why such immense criminalization could have happened in a country where wast majority of people do have spiritual values, and are even Catholics?

Anonymous said...

I have read your Blog and some of your writings in other places. I have enjoyed their insightful first person point of view. As to moving to the USA. I beleive that you will find many places that you find enjoyable as well as financially rewarding. As to gun friendly,I believe that you will find that the south and almost all of the west to be gun friendly. California, New York, New Jersey, Mass, R.I., Conn., Ill., DC, Wis. will be the most unfriendly. Even in bad times here, there are generally good opportunities especially for someone prepared and positioned. On the long haul, I believe we in the USA are looking at a long shallow to medium trough depression of 4 to 12 years similar to post War Between the States in the Occupied South.

With kind regards,


FerFAL said...

LW, thanks. I believe so too.
After a few years USA will get back on its feet.

Vsevolod, there’s a lot of interest here now in fast, easy solutions (spiritually speaking)

People aren’t that “Christian” any more.

They want to find a job right now, make money, have a boyfriend/girlfriend. There a general bad mood in the country and people want easy solutions. Pagan rites and witchcraft offer that, or at least that’s what they say.

So people have turned to that, and Catholicism is steadily loosing ground to this and other pseduo-Christian churches.

I’m not so sure there are as many Catholics out there as they say. I think there are much more evangelists theses days. Many of these evangelists churches support and even encourage criminals to commit crimes, and later ask for forgiveness, claiming that it’s all ok since God will always forgive them.

So you see. A guy may be a self claimed “Christian” here these days, but still rob, rape and murder, since these guys say that Jesus will forgive him anyway.


Anonymous said...

To all of you who perhaps don´t know what´s happening in Argentina, don´t believe in everything this FerFAL writes. The problem in Argentina is an corrupt oligarchy who refuses to let loose the lines of power, and trying to stop the president Kirchner takes the appropiate ways to govern and improve life quality of the poor people. I believe FerFAL is a member of some christian sick churches based on hate to non-christians and liberals, and believing that all poor people are thefts or thugs. What he types on that woman of his work said about shooting the president is just one small evidence about the mentality of this sick people, who believes in shooting the leader of the opposition for fixing their problems. The situation there is that the richest farmers are pushing and paying some people for road bloackage and unstabilizing the country; it´s not coincidence what´s happening similar things in Ecuador, Bolivia and now in Argentina, as their presidents are starting to piss off the richest tyrannes. Hint: that´s similar people to those who helped the Coup détat in Venezuela wich was stopped by massive population movements wich surrounded the government palace until My Commander came back. Thanks the heaven they´re going to USA and not Venezuela, we don´t want people that sick, violent and poorly spiritual here. Que Viva Chávez. Bolívar, Fidel y el Che.
OLIGARCAS TEMBLAD. Hands off Venezuela and Argentina.

CEBA said...

Bolivariano, you are Venezuelan and not Argentinian, aren't you? Perhaps Ferfal has better prospective about his own country. It is notable, of course, that he belongs to (the former?) upper or upper middle class and this fact affects his point of view.

Chances are that some of his fellow Argentinians didn't appreciate country "first world" status as much; but deterioration that Ferfal describes hits those poor, too.

According to what Ferfal writes of himself, he is a Catholic, and that's about as sane of a church as it goes. "Shooting that bitch" is not his own words, included it to demonstrate us the degree of frustration some of his fellow citizens manifest.

Anonymous said...

Quoting this right wing minded "christian":

Boludovariano. You can take your Communist crap and your “commander” and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Wow, how macho you are. Communism died longs ago. Wake up.

I’m surprised you still have internet access, you willing slave. <---- Slavery was forbidden long ago, Argentinians learned from us to ban it.

Wont be long until your “commander” tell you what you can or cant read.<--- Now we don´t only read. We WRITE even.That´s why the right wing people is pissed off. Isn´t that funny?

People here aren’t like you, we’ll eventually get rid of these pseudo socialist dictators pests that are ruining our country.
<--- Yeah, right. you´re a supporter of a coup détat, as every southamerican right wing person.

As our brave farmers say, we’d rather die on our feet that live on our knees <--- That´s a socialist slogan, in case you didn´t know. Don´t lie to our english spoken readers. :)

. They’ll eventually have to leave casa Rosada, it’s just a matter of time.<--- sure!. And you´re supporter of democracy as well. Your color is exposed to all of your readers.

WE ARE NOT LIKE YOU, SLAVE. WE’LL NEVER ACCEPT COMMUNISM.<---- Communism is not socialism. And by the way...you´d LOVE to have slaves working for you, as back in the 80s and 90s, don´t you?...I guess you´re a company´s owner, as there´s no such thing as slavery. We have a mixed system up here, and that´s where your hardfeelinds lies!...we have a wonderful country and your oligarchy is fighting for not loosing control.As a matter of fact, you TALK as an Oligarch as well!...YOU´RE EXPOSED TO YOUR READERS!! SHAME ON YOU! (HEHEHEHEHE)

By the way, Bolivar got his ass kicked year round by the Spaniards while San Martin had to go from country to country freeing you ungrateful worthless asses.
For the english spoken people out there: San Martin NEVER was liberating ANY country called Venezuela, he remained down there in the south,protected by his army; Bolivar is internationally recognized as THE LIBERATOR. San Martin was a brave warrior, but he wanted always this title from Bolivar and never could get even close. And if Bolivar got his butt kicked off...why is not Spain in the Palacio here?? ohhh!! great news!! BOLIVAR KICKED OUT THE INVADERS MAN! FACE IT! GROW SOME BOLAS!...(LMAO)
So after you´ve been exposed as a right wing, coup detat supporter, non democratic, fascist person, how do you feel?..

Anonymous said...

You´ve exposed yourself, to your public, insulting me you´ve just showed your tru face: Fascism lover. I´ve posted in your site because I´ve been referred by mistake. And you´re in a deep mistake if you believe that can call someone with names and not receiving a response. I know you´re trying to show we don´t have freedom in Venezuela. But your readers are not stupids. The problem is, that you´ve so much anger and frustration (racism as well, could be) in your life, that you believe that travelling far will be ths solution to your problems.Well, there are news here: We in Venezuela are not travelling to any place as we have a beautiful country wich we love deeply, and prefer to fix things here so EVERY CHILD can go to bed with a full stomach, and have a breakfast when awake. And have a school to go to. Unfortunately, that´s not what oligarchs want. In Argentina, here, in every country, be in South America or Africa, or Europe. But that´s not the way the things are happening. Why did Cristina won there? People wanted a change. If you don´t want the change in your country and want to go, you´re free to leave.When you refer this way to MY COMMANDER you show your racism. You expose your sick soul to your readers :) . You don´t insult me. You made me laugh and got yourself exposed. people like you, will never understand a system wich works for the benefit of the most humble people, your selfish and hate to them is too much. That does not help self-sufficiency, you know? guns, bunkers, stockpiling food will not be very useful if a hungry mob knocks at your door, "Rambo". And honestly, the best idea you could have had is getting the hell out of South America and live your American Dream. We don´t need such individuals. :) . Good bye you fat ass armchair warrior.I hope your rectum be searched in the USA custom. (hehehe)

CEBA said...


Ferfal is a world recognized survivalist. At the very least you should thank him for letting you on his blog.

By behaving as rudely as you do (and Ferfal answers you with almost as little temper - but it's his blog, not yours; he could merely remove your insulting comments), you make Venezuela look not its best.

Anonymous said...

1) I just answer to a provocation about describing with a deep lack of true, a situation in South america wich affects us all: the effect of capitalism and IMF directions.
2) I did not even try to insult until received the first names, so read carefully.
3) World recognized survivalist? he just want his visa! so please help him, we don´t want "people" like that here in South America as we´re trying to rebuild what the capital policies have destroyed; not make profits.
4)He´s not transmitted the exact idea about the social process taking place in Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and now Paraguay. So he lies in many things to his readers about the situation here. I just exposed him.He called me a slave, and the way he express himself makes anyone with reading skills a racist.
5)I don´t think I´ve been rude, he tried to make me angry, but he couldn´t!.
6)I have lots of contacts with people in Argentina and they´re facing some events, but some things are not that terrible as this clown describes.We have a lot of worms like those in Miami talking crap about my country, when the reality is a pretty different thing. Just take the time and check the records.He´s one of those haters that are not even grateful because of the fact Chavez helped with lots of money so they could help to rebuild the economy...but of course that´s a lie, or is not, Ferfal? why don´t you dare to your readers to do a search about this on their own?..without the Venezuelan loans you´d be looking for food in the trash cans. And I´m being rude??come on...
7)Anyone who wants to abandon their own country looking for something better,is perfectly welcome to do it;but we, Venezuelans, prefer to STAY and work for rebuilding in our OWN country, as we know there have been a LOT of FOREIGN interventionism, AND WE KICK OUT IFM.
8)I´d ask you that please, please help this guy to get his visa. So there will be a job for someone in Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, I believe there is a very real possibility that the USD will be devalued within the next 12 months, possibly this year. Likely a 10 to 1 ratio.

I know you have been through the same in your country. I ask you, what happens to mortgage payments and other debts when this happens?

If one has dollars available presently, which in your opinion would be most advisable, an investment in gold, silver, or diversification into foreign currencies. Before investing what would you suggest buying?

latinamerican said...

"die standing than lie on our knees"
i do believe that was a Mexican revolution slogan.Argentina is a good country by the way just has problems with poverty and corruption just like all Latin american countries, as for Argentina begin a 1st world nation it was never there in first place so you don't have to worry bout dropping ranks only worry bout going up!