Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some Q&A

Thanks Ferfal. My boyfriend and I really look forward to your posts. We live in Baltimore, Maryland. The city has one of the highest crime rates in the USA. There is a prison about 5 minutes from our house. We were wondering what is happening with your prisons in Argentina?

They are terribly overpopulated. sometiems 5X over their maximum capacity. Problems and revolts in prisons are common.

What happens when the power goes out or when the government can't afford to pay the officers to go to work?

Well, they don’t just let them go, that would be wrong, right? :)
What they do, is pretend they are looking over them but granting them more liberal minded rights.
They don’t say “We can’t afford more prisoners so we let them go”
What they do is send them home with a bracelet that’s supposed to monitor the prisoner in his home.
Problem is these things don’t work, nor do cops care to control the system or the prisoner.
So we end up having “prisoners” that are supposed to be under control, but they are just free to do whatever they want.
Just a couple months ago we had a “prisoner” kill the entire family of a man that testified against him.
The security bracelet didn’t stop this animal from killing husband and wife, and the two children of the couple.

Do the prisoners get 3 meals a day?

Sort of. Over here, the family has to take food and money to the prisoner. Most of the time they cook the food themselves.
Some prisons are a bit better organized but that’s what happens in most prisons.

I have read your blog with great interest and have always wanted to ask this question. If you had seen events unfolding in your country as they are here (U.S.A.) and realized what the outcome would be, what items would you have tried to purchase that you now realize would be good to have or necessary that are now unavailable?

Man, that’s tough. So many things I would have done differently.
Buy gold for example.

I can think about two important things right now.

1) Get a car that is more common here than my Daewoo. I would have sold the Daewoo and bought a more popular car, with cheaper service and spare parts. Imported parts cost a fortune here, and mechanical service is also very expensive.
Even worse, with a car like mine you can’t travel to far, because in the smaller inner provinces auto mechanics simply don’t know how to fix foreign cars, let alone get spare parts for them.

2) I would have bought a generator, one of those small gas container trailers like the ones used in construction sites, and a deep freeze chest fridge.

3) I would have standardized my weapons before. I finally did somewhat square it out, but I would have bought two Glcoks 9mm, two FALs , two Mosberg 500 shotguns and a couple Mausers in 308. I would have bought those Garands that sold for 200 USD and now sell for 1200 USD. I should have bought more ammo two, specially more 22LR.



Anonymous said...

You have no idea how much your words mean to me. A few months ago I bought a lot of canned goods and a lot of rice and we canned them at my sister's church facility. I have (5) 55 gallon drums that I will be filling with water this weekend and I have a Big Berkey water filter that can filter the worst water very well and it does not need to be plugged in. I am thinking about getting a couple of solar panels to recharge batteries and that sort of thing. I have a Rmington 879 tactical shot gun, an AK47 assault rifle, and a AK-74 assault rifle (smaller bullet, better accuracy at longer ranges). It's sad when your friends and family think everything will be just fine but all of the signs around us here in America are everywhere and no one seems to see them but me, or at least that's what it feels like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you Ferfal for updates in regard to the US situation. A few questions in regard to weapons choices.

1. In what sort of situation do you think long arms like Fal, Mauser, and Garand would be usefull ?

2. 22LR, again for what situational use and recommended handgun and long gun.

3. Optics like light, lazer, red dot, scopes, battery supplies, etc...any thoughts on their usefullness in real life situation.

From reading your posts, I get that handguns like Glock are to be with you at all time including while going about outside the home. The Mossberg 500 is for home defense.

In regard to TSHF vehicle, I have been thinking of getting an old Toyota 4x4 pickup truck with camper shelves...is it a good idea ?


Bill in NC said...

Can you get propane (large tanks) installed and refilled at your home?

Gasoline-powered generators can be adapted to run on propane fairly easily, but you'll need a large tank (several hundred gallons), since generators consume heavily.

If not, how available is diesel fuel?

Diesel generators are more fuel-efficient than gasoline-fueled generators, and diesel can store for much longer than gasoline (safer to handle as well)

Ryan said...

Standardization of guns is nice.

FerFAL said...

Hi TIA rifles are the most powerful weapon you can carry around.
If forced to leave, I’ll take my FAL with me, if someone attacks my home from the outside ( not likely) my FAL can put some serious firepower down range.

Cars and even small trees are penetrated by the 7,62 round. There’s little cover from a FAL.

22 LR? I prefer a handgun in that caliber. More compact, also serves for cheap practice for handgun drills.
Notice that most 22 LR pistols are more Target-like. My little Bersas 22 have similar combat commands similar to the Bersa 9mm. (DA/SA, decocker) so the manual of arms and handling is similar.

Lights. Yes, definitely. I have my surefire next to my handgun and pick them simultaneously when something goes bump in the night.
I’d get a weapon mounted light if I lived in USA ( they cost 300 USD here, and that’s just too much for me right now) I have a 85 lumen light mounted in my shotgun too.

Still, don’t go around running with the light on. You can walk around your house with the light off, something an intruder will find hard to do.

The light is for identifying people, not for leaving I on so others can shoot you while you go down the stairs.

About vehicles, I’ll make a post about it since others asked too.

Bill, you can get propane gas tanks installed, though I don’t know about city codes. Maybe only out of the city.

Diesel is available and yes, it would be a better option for a generator.


Anonymous said...

Thank for posting this. It's a valuable resource for me in making my own preparations for protecting my family. I often here you say you wish you had bought gold. How valuable did gold become compared to real estate after the inflation? I don't own my home and wonder would it be better to hold gold and wait.

Thank you agin very much for keeping this blog.