Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My EDC gear( every day carry )

Missing in the pic:
Gold chain around the neck with crux, Sacred Heart image, and Virgin Mary image, and the key to where I keep my loaded guns.
It’s also missing the few coins I generally have in my pocket.
Now, for what’s on the pic.

Right front pocket: coins. change for parking, vending machines (paper money sometimes has a hard time in these, and locally most machines use coinds, not paper money) a phone call when the cell network is down, just to mention a couple times when you need coins bad and you wish you carried some.
Left front pocket.:
Elsa’s 4 leaf clover “Lucky Charm” zippo. Both for luck and fire, besides, it’s pretty darn cool. :)

“El Hombre” folding knife by Cold Steel. Strictly for defense, don’t use it for anything else so the serrated edge is razor sharp.

Back left pocket:
Wallet. Money, cards, a few subway tickets in case I need them, band aids and paper matches also in there.

This one is usually attached to my bag but occasionally goes in my right front pocket if I just go out the door to get something down the street.
It has a 1 watt LED flashlight, uses a single AA battery ( most common battery) attached with a small quick release buckle.

Victorinox midnight Minichamp
. This little tool deserves a thread of it’s own. It has numerous tools. The blades are kind of small and fragile but it includes many tools as well as a red LED and ballpoint pen. Very nice addition to the keychain.

These are Global vision “Neptune” security shades. Just 16 bucks.
As everything else, the idea is to have something that provides a bit of actual protection.
These are ANSI Z87.1 Safety Glasses, Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses and UV400.
My shoes too, they look ordinary but they are steel toed for added protection.

The Bag
M1936 “Musette” bag.
(first one up front)
Now the bag.
It’s an M1936, with a few customized things such as two zippered compartments, an attachment for key, and a small pocket in the exterior compartment for my cell and OC spray.
All done by myself, with needle and thread.
The zippers are absolutely nescesary becuase if traveling by bus, train or other crowded public transport, pick pocketers would likely try to sliip a hand in.
The zipper keeps importnat stuff safe, so there’s where I put anything valuable I might be carrying.

Since the LED light and victorinox also have their own attachments; I usually hook the keychain to this and if I need the Led or the victorinox, I can remove them without unattaching the keys.

Inside front pocket:

Here’s where I keep my “emergency” stuff in two ziplock bags.

First aid kit with large dressing, ibuprofen, iodine, alcohol patches, antibiotics, painkillers, cauterizing powder, bandaids, superglue for wounds and assorted smaller dressings.
There’s also some soap.

The other ziplock bag below contains my Altoids Survival kit, head lamp (with extra button batteries), space blanket, Tang stick and red butane lighter.
You’ll notice I have several spares for knives, lighters and flashlights. Those are pretty importnat stuff, so I apply the 3 is 2 , 2 is 1 and 1 is none thing.

Next to it there’s more Tang, Starbursts, larger dressing roll, and a disposable diaper ( I have a baby :) ) that could also be used like a large dressing pad during an emergency.

At the top you can see my daily pocket notebook, with Parker ball pen and black fountain pen. I usually have a pencil as well but its’ missing in the pic.
Gerber Multitool, nothing fancy there. I have other multitools but this one is the one I carry the most becuase it works well, has enough tools, and isn't sometihng I'd miss much if I loose it.
Bottle of water, always keep one. Drinking or cleaning, even cleaning a wound if I add some salt.

The small bottle next to it is my hand sanitizer, used a lot to avoid contagious diseases due to poverty of the general population.
This is something you might want to add to your bag as conditions deteriorate in your area and people become more sick and less careful about higine.

“Elite” cleanex for the obvious, of course I use these often like anyone else does.
Nail file. for when I do my nails… just kidding, it’s for sharpening my knives and keeping the ones I use often razor sharp( victorinox Spartan) .
My trusty victorinox Spartan, Just the right size, no silly stuff like orange peeler ..:)
OC spray, Do carry one of these, even if you carry a gun. There are situations where a gun simply isn't the right tool for the job, even where legal to carry.
If you can't own guns, DO get a OC spray can. And ( again where legal) carry a serious fighting knife.
cell phne. This one is pretty old. I simply dont like cell phones much. Not my thing. Weird because I do like gadgets and tools generally speaking, but I can't get to like phones much. I forced myself into taking phones seriously becasue of security reasons. Every familiy member shoudl carry one to keep in touch with one another.
During certain incidents phones may g down, but that's not good enough reason to ignore their advantage when teh lines do work.
A lot of "virtual kidnappings" could have been avoided with a phoen call to check on the missing person, and at least one girl that made it to the news used a cell to escape from slavers ( slaved for prostitution, yes that kind of thing happens here)
Spare AA for the LED flashlight. Between all the flashlights I carry and teh batteries I have. I have almost a week worth of light.
A light is priceless when the subway brakes and you have to get out and walk through the tunnels. Happens more often than you'd think around here, probably because of poor maintenance. I can easly see how useful it would be during an accident, terrorist attack, natural disaster, not to mention the much more common blackouts.

And we reached the guns.
Where legal to do so, I'd advice you to carry an auto for carry and the revolver as backup in the bag.
Mostly, these are what I have around in my house. Glock 31 ( it’s 357 SIG, 15 rounds in the magazine plus 1 in the chamber) and a Smith and Wesson 38 special revolver ( 2” barrel “snubby”, 6 rounds)
Sometimes I keep the Bersa 9mm handy ( around the house), which is basically a beefed up version of the Walther P-88.
I'd advice people to carry an extra loaded mag in their bags.

WARNING!: Firearms are dangerous weapons and serious injuries or death may occur if used unproperly.
.50 AE Desert Eagle pistols don’t solve certain…problems… you need Viagra for that, and if you just MUST use Derringers, peacemakers, and black powder guns in general, there’s always Cowboy Action Shooting, don’t confuse hobbies with self defense.
Only carry and own guns were legal to do so and well, if illegal maybe ask yourself why your government is tagging you as a criminal simply because you want to be able to defend yourself.

Anyway, just do everything you (legally) can to get a gun, ok? If it’s your first, make that a handgun, big bore, preferably high capacity.
For an inexperienced non-gun person I’d recommend a 38 special revoler, but it’s better to be mature about one’s self defense, stop messing around, get a Glock 19, learn how to use it, take a Defensive Pistol course, and at least visit the range every couple months or so :)

It’s as obvious as an elephant in a Swarovski glass shop, but in case you didn’t notice it, crime and insecurity are the mayor concerns after a socio-economical brake down, mostly because a broken economy makes a lot of poor, desperate people, some of them with military and police training, so you really must learn how to defend yourself if you expect to have a chance, other than surrendering to every scumbag out there (too many scumbags out there for that attitude, in my opinion )

Mindset and mental training are important. Being convinced that, when needed, you are the actual killing machine, the firearm or knife is just the tool, the weapon you use.
Other than that you must be convinced and capable of killing with whatever you have available, your car, a crowbar, machete, the Tramontina knife you just prepared dinner with or even your bare hands.
If you can’t figure yourself smashing a person’s skull to pulp, it only means you’ve never been pushed to that spot. Most people have it in them somewhere if you press the right buttons.
Even the most liberal lady would do so to save her child’s live, the trick is, learn to control it. Have the training and tools, the foresight to do so BEFORE something happens that can’t be undone, such as the murder/rape/torture of a loved one.
Most of us are brought up to be civilized, polite people.
But a person wanting to hurt my family?
I’d chew his carotid artery out with my own teeth to kill him if that’s what it takes.
And so would any other father reading this.
Hand to hand, I can take care of myself, with a blunt object, better yet a blade, I can handle maybe a couple guys, but a fighting firearm is the only weapon that allows you to put down for good 3 or 5 guys in a matter of seconds.

Get a handgun, learn how to use it. Buy a few boxes of ammo ( premium JHP) for the proverbial rainy day. Even better, practice regularly and carry your gun on daily basis, one day it may save your life or the life of a loved one, and you may not even need to shoot it, (believe me I’ve been there on several occasions).
And if nothing ever happens, at least know your are exercising your right for self defense as a free individual, a right that is indeed rare these days.

Final Disclaimer: People read this blog from all over the world.
Mostly Americans (where guns are legal to own ) but also people from European countries Ukraine ( hi guys :) ), Philippines, Japan, other South American countries, just to name a few.

There’s one guy reading from somewhere in Asia that the program can’t find a flag for.:)

So in some places guns are legal and in other places guns are not.
I write what I write for people that can legally have firearms.
I do not promote or encourage the illegal use of firearms in anyway.

This is particularly meant for the one idiot that apparently doesn’t know that guns are legal to own in his country and threatened to contact google about my blog…
As Albert Einstein put it "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."



George Donnelly said...

What are the legal limits on handgun ownership and carry in AR?

Here in Colombia you have to prove you need a gun in order to get a permit to have it in your home, and then there is another permit if you want to carry it (concealed, no open carry allowed).

Then the only place you can buy a weapon is from the National Army. WTF?

This is one of the reasons why I'm moving back to the US ASAP.

Wickwire said...

What type of holster do you use for your handgun?

The last cause said...

Like the kit FerFal, disagree about derringers or black powder weapons.

If that is all you have, it's all you have, you should learn to use them flawlessly if that is all one has.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Kansas City here in the US,
Just started reading your blog several weeks ago and really appreciate your posts and warnings to us in other countries. Had a question for you though. It appears to me that many of the homeless beggers I see in my city and around the country are in the place they are more because of drug and/or alcohol problems than because of not having work. I know of several ministries in my city that will help homeless or down and out ppl, but being drug free is a requirement and I believe many of these ppl choose to not improve their lot in life. Is this the case in Argentina as well? Are the homeless ppl you see in trouble because of a genuine lack of social services from the government and/or churches? Or do their negative personal habits have a bigger impact on their unfortunate situation?

Anonymous said...

Like George, I am in a country (Nicaragua) that is in upheaval.

I can tell you some stories that would stand your hairs on end.

I CAN carry a 9mm though. Saved my ass more than once.

FerFAL said...

George, Argentina's gun laws are a bit more lax, you can own handguns, shotguns, and bolt or lever action rifles and 22lR semi auto rifles as long as you pass a test ( both gun handling and psicological evalaution) pay the fee, show a clean record and that you have a licit mean to support yourself ( job)
Carry lincese is also possible to obtain if you have contacts and if you own a company or transport large amounts of cash around.

Wickwire, I use a IWB nylon holster, look into bladetech and milt sparks. They are a bit too expesnive for me but that's what I would carry if I had a chance.

The last cause, if its all you have, by all means go for it, but if you can arm yourself better just choosing your weapons based on romantic notions of vintage stuff isn't a good idea.
If you can arm yourslef better, you should do it.
I have my fun guns as well, but I dont mix defense with hobby.

Anonymous, some fit your description, about 1/2 the males in the Bs As suburbs between 18-30 are "paco" addicts, paco is a drug worse than crack.
And those are official numbers, so you can easily suppose that the situation is even worse.

But I know for a fact that many others are hard working people that simply droped down the social piramid after the crisis.
Little or no jobs will make a chunk of middle class into poor.

They'd do better if they had a chance but the situation is bad and it's really not their fault, they work and try to make it as best as they can, unfortunately being a honest hardworking person sometimes isn't enough.


FerFAL said...

How is Nicaragua in terms of security?


Anonymous said...

I like the bag...any information where I can purchase one?

FerFAL said...


Just search "M1936 bag" or "musette bag" you'll find many original and replicas.
Go with the replica if you intend to use it. Originals are artifacts that belong in a museum or as part of your antique collection of militaria. Besides, old cotton tears up fast so it will likely brake in no time with daily use.

These ones in evil bay cost US $12.49 and you can have them in black or olive. It distresses in no time, the more you use it the better it looks. :)

Or 45 bucks for a more accurate repro


Anonymous said...

You've got kinda good taste for bags ... I like your attitude towards life and self-defense (crushing someone's head to pulp if necessary, wow) You know most of the Greater BA is almost a no man's land, and showing up with your red face anywhere is pretty much an invitation for lowlives' violence, they just assume you're rich (though you might comparatively be so)
Stay tuff
Signed: Born And Raised in BA

Anonymous said...

Didn't seem to take when I first tried to comment, so am trying again:

I not sure how I stumbled across this blog this evening, but in one sitting I've read it from beginning to end. Living in the U.S., I find that this statement of FerFAL's is utterly unnerving:

"When I was 20 years old I lived in a 1st world country, 8 years later it’s a mixture of cheapo 3rd world tourist sites, a bit of tasteful 1900 architecture, surrounded by sights fitting either Ecuador, Colombia or some kind of war zone, and it all went to hell in a hand basket in less than a year. The change was amazing for anyone that cared to notice. Libraries, churches, town theaters, it all closed and later reopened having been replaced by bar-***** house joints, “All for 2$” shops, Bingos, casinos, self proclaimed churches, many with links to Umbanda Brazilian rituals. A perfect example of the decay in our society trough the last years."

I don't believe we in the U.S. grasp the more terrible realities that, yes, could happen here. But to read the words of someone who has lived through it and is living through it still is a shock, a dose of ice water to awaken us from our fearful, wistful dream-state. Actually, it's your basic humanity, down-to-earth common sense and flashes of humor that are most chilling, because they force me to accept the veracity of what you write. I love the way the you dispose of the rifle-toting vigilante blasting his way to freedom in a Mad Max World as a fantastical scenario.

Can the U.S. go the way of Argentina? It's not a certainty, but we have been heading in that direction for almost a decade now with the government eroding our civil liberties and catering to the wealthy financial interests, policies draining the middle class. The situation has perhaps reached critical mass and is about to explode in our faces.

I haven't been a sheep in thought, but in many ways I have allowed my actions to be herded. Thank you for this blog that has offered concrete suggestions I can use to ease the pain of my family should everything approach going to hell.

One step will be to join the espoused one on the firing range. That has always been "his" hobby before. I haven't fired a gun in decades from way back when my dad insisted I at least try to learn the basics of using firearms. Guns scare me, but I understand they are another tool that should be mastered. I realize personal physical fitness is just as important and at least have been keeping up with that even into middle age.

Here is a question you may be able to answer: we thought we had a bolthole a five-hour car trip away to where my sister lives with her in-laws. They live on working farms, but there are a lot of them with farms who all live in the same area. There is one large house that many could fit in if needed. So we would have more than one isolated family trying to go it alone. I thought that would be ideal, but after reading your blog, I'm wondering if I would be better off stockpiling and staying put in my house in a small town of about 10,000 people that's twenty miles out of our Appalachian state's capitol city. Here, however, we are totally dependent on city services for light, heat, and water, while at my sister's place they have mountain springs, wood burning stoves and plenty of trees, most things required for self-sufficiency (down to the chickens in the hen house). But if everyday reality only makes it halfway to hell, as you seem to saying about your part of Argentina, here I have a decent paying job to keep pulling in that all important hard currency.

You also talk about staying in a small town while urging the stockpiling of water. What about toilets and that part of sanitation? Was your town's water service interrupted for a month or more? What did you do about the basic bodily functions while avoiding disease? Nasty topic, but very practical, like your blog.

I wish you and your family well. I have a great deal of admiration for how you have survived an environment many of us in the U.S. can't begin to imagine, but perhaps should start contemplating.

Anonymous said...

Security in Nicaragua?

Well if you are in one of the rich people's enclaves, with private security, youre ok.

If the Sandinistas think about taking to the streets, beware. They dont care where their homemade 'morteros' go off.

Keep your views to yourself, keep your head down, stay armed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with much of the article, but the part about even the most liberal person would kill to save their own child', I totally disagree with. I know of many people who believe that violence is always wrong. I know people who've been the victims of break-ins with their children there, who still refuse to buy a gun. A huge portion of the people here in America have been so pacified by the politically correct BS that the media feeds them, that they can never regain that primal killing instinct. That's one reason why this country has turned to shit.

George Donnelly said...

Well said Anon.

The use of defensive force is as much a moral requirement as the refusal to initiate force. (paraphrase of fav philosopher)

I'm very much against the initiation of force (and fraud) but very much in favor of defensive/retaliatory force.

maciver64 said...

Assuming that 'Liberal' types won't kill you is a mistake.

Anonymous said...

I'd make one small change in your EDC, FerFal, that being a 24n inch length of small nylon cord. Knot it through the loop of your Swiss Army knife and make a hand-sized loop at the other end. Bundle the cord together with a rubber band to condense this (making it 3-4 inches in length). When you start getting that odd sense that trouble is near, pull the bundle out of your pocket and tug the length loose from the rubber band (takes a fraction of a second). Swinging this cord with the weight of the knife at someone can be deadly, so use with care and only in bad situations.

Jimmy said...


Whip weapons take a lot of training to control. In Chinese martial arts it is considered an expert-level weapon, as opposed to single-bladed sabers and staff weapons.

If you're wielding the whip weapon as a novice, the opponent can grab the other end, and you end up in a wrestling match. It's better to use knives for defense. If you already have distance, you should make more distance.

If you're a whip expert, go ahead and keep the weapon.

But it's good to keep some rope around.

Anonymous said...

I paraphrased FerFal by saying that 'even the most liberal person would kill to save their child', but my point is correct that many Americans have become extremely pacified, and will not fight or kill to protect their families or communities. Forty years of watching our culture go from one of generally helping each other, to one of screaming for our (corrupt) politicians to solve our problems is not going to convince me otherwise. Also, I agree with George Donnelly's statement that our force should always be defensive.

Kim W said...

Reply to Anonymous: and now it's a sign of the decline of civilization that someone would hesitate to kill for the sake of survival. When the shit really hits the fan, if it doesn't bother you a bit to remove others from your small orbit of survival, I hope I never meet you.

I am also bothered by your comment about "liberals." Please define what you mean by "liberals." Maybe you are referring to those of us in WV who staged the largest armed rebellion against the US government in the Battle of Blair Mountain. West Virginia coal miners were fighting for their rights against the owners turning them into slaves. Our workers were armed and ready.

But this is very "liberal," anyone daring to question the concerns of big business, and stand up for the rights of workers. In that respect, although a lot of us are independent people who have known how to use a gun since childhood, we are traitorous liberals in that we expect a fair share of the profits of the coal that our people have taken from the earth with their labor, sometimes dying for it.

We can be very liberal here in WV, advocating for workers' rights, taking Lincoln at his word when he said that capital cannot survive without labor. And lauding the FDR era, in which laborers were finally treated as fellow humans by the government. And here we have a history of armed rebellion when people forget what's fair. We are gun owning liberals.

Don't even think we liberals here wouldn't fight for our families. Wouldn't hesitate, but we would at the same time be trying to be figuring out how to make the world a better, saner place, as it actually once was. And while we would kill when necessary, we would find time for regret.

We've been considered expendable before, literally, by owners. It puts a whole new perspective on things. If you seem to be an average person stuck in a bad situation, we will try to help you within reasonable limits. This tendency would kill us now in the megalopolis.

Trust me, guys and women who grew up shooting deer for meat know how to take care of themselves (have you ever seen a deer skinned via tractor? Not a pretty sight). But maybe nowadays we are liberal in that we believe after FDR that government can be a force for good and provide us with a civilized landscape in which an average laborer can truly build something for himself beyond a survival mode.

True, Anonymous, we may have gone so far beyond that now thanks to GW that our concern should be whether we would kill without compunction to protect our family.

We will do what we have to in order to survive here in Appalachia. We're used to it. But we still have enough humanity left that we will recognize the passing of a wonderful thing, civilization, and feel deep regret.

Anonymous said...

To Kim W. from West Virginia:
You don't seem to read very well, because the first sentence in my blog explained that I was paraphrasing FerFel in his article where he states "even the most liberal lady would do so to save her child's life...". I do not equate liberals with weakness. I, myself, am liberal on some issues, conservative on others. Your tirade about the virtues of liberalism makes no sense, because I did not attack liberals. What I said (twice now) is that in my lifetime, I have seen the general mindset of a huge portion of our country, go from one where people would fight off criminals or other trouble makers in their neighborhoods, to one where people don't go out after dark, for fear of these people. Instead they scream for the police or politicians to solve these and other problems. I won a police award recently for helping a cop who was being mauled by a gang member. There were approximately 300 people watching (it was in a mall), but only myself & one other guy helped the cop (who almost died). This is one of many, many examples I could give of events that happen every day in this country. Are you going to try to tell me that this was the general public's attitude in the 40's, 50's & 60's? Bullshit. There are still tons of courageous Americans, both liberal and conservative in America (and apparantly in your area), but it saddens me that the general trend is to do less on your own, and depend more on the government.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ferfal-
Thanks for your blog. I live in a country (of MAS - but more for them) to your north where defensive force is punishable by incarceration, unless you can pay to have the bullet casings changed, etc.

Could you give your opinions on Bersa (an arm available here) in a post, or in comments here?

Thanks in advance,