Saturday, November 5, 2011

“That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!”

Hi Ferfal,
I’m down here in Buenos Aires at the moment and the other evening a
rough looking kid, probably from a villa, approached me and threatened
to stab me if I didn’t give him money. At that point I pulled out my
vaquero grande and he nearly pissed his pants and took off.
No one was hurt. The encounter couldn’t have gone better. I just
wanted to thank you for the excellent knife recommendation.
Hi Ian, glad it helped. The Vaquero is not only effective, its also pretty intimidating. While I wouldn’t count on intimidation alone, it is a factor that helps, and when it does it may prevent the fight entirely which is great. I had a somewhat similar experience with two guys in a train, just pulled the knife out and they took off. They didn’t have a gun visible and in the South American summer they only had worn off t shirts and shorts, and no visible gun print. (if a bad guy doesn’t pull a gun right away, most likely he’s got nothing)
There was this robbery attempt caught on a security camera some time ago, of a guy with a knife trying to mug another person with a bag. The one with the bag pulled this huge facon knife from his bag, about 10” long. The bad guy had this little pocket knife. The “victim” slapped him around with the flat of the blade. The video clip had no sound but you could guess he was either insulting him or telling him to take off. The bad guy tried to man up but given the Crocodile Dunde moment he took off.
I like the new Vaquero. I don’t own one yet but I can tell the grip has been much improved. The plain edge version is more practical too. The curved edge will take a bit more skill to sharpen but I just love that “s” shaped blade and Nogales clip point.

Cold Steel Large Voyager Vaquero Folder with Plain Blade
The new Espada looks good too. The original one was too expensive for me but the new one is more affordable and practical.

Cold Steel G-10 Espada Knife (Medium)

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Ed in PA said...

Hi ferfal - I've stuggled with being able to sharpen curved blades adequately as well, but about a year ago I discovered a ceramic steel - similar to a regular knife steel, except made of a ceramic material that puts a real nice edge on. Now I no longer shy away from curved blades.