Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why is Gold Important for Preparedness and Survival


Bill N. said...

I would be very careful who I bought jewelry from. After my mom passed away I found some of her jewelry that was maked 14k or sterling silver was counterfeit. An easy way to detect much of the counterfeit jewelry is with a magnet. Real gold and silver are not attracted to magnets.

linhares said...

How about selling? Do you have gold/silver coin shops in Buenos Aires?

Here in Rio de Janeiro there is one I could find, but it's not bullion, and they REALLY mark prices up. If fact, if you could bring tons of silver eagles from the EUA, they would buy from you with 50% markup (and sell to suckers with over 100% markup).

So how's the bullion market in BA?

FerFAL said...

That's actually not true, in no way is there enough land for everyone to be a farmer. Hell, soon enough there wont be enough land for everyone to own houses any more, thats why land is such a valualbe asset and guaranteed investment in the long term. God's done making land, what we have is all there is, its just a matter of who gets how much.