Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dual Purpose: EDC Bag - Survival Emergency Bag (SEK kit)

Video showing the EDC Bag setup I´m currenly using. It has enough to cover the basics, but still has almost 50% of the bag empty, space for more stuff being one of the most useful things to have on daily basis.
Maybe that space is used for documents while running errands. Maybe for throwing the grear for shooting and going to the gun club or a bit more gear and going for a hike.
In this video I do the show and tell thing and also talk about mindset when setting up such a kit.
Enjoy! FerFAL


SurvivalAndProsperity.com said...

Great video. I'm guessing you're not using the olive drab messenger bag anymore then since you've upgraded to this dual purpose backpack?

Don Williams said...

1) Yeah --what happened to the man purse? The one that resembled an IRA explosive satchel charge? : )


2) Something that I've found useful in the USA is having the cell phone set up to receive text alerts from emergency operations centers --both the local county as well as the high priority alerts in Washington DC and New York City. I don't know if they allow civilians to get the alerts in the UK.

3) In the USA, the emergency alerts are also sent out over the National Weather Service broadcasts.

You need a portable weather radio to receive the alerts from NWS -- the Radio Shack one appears best because you can control the volume so you don't startle nearby people with a loud announcement that a severe thunderstorm is approaching.

4) It is also a good idea to look at your local situation and decide what filtering capabilities you want. In a dense city, you don't want to be alerted every time someone's elderly relative wanders off --although compassion argues to paying attention to the AMBER alerts (child abduction.)

FerFAL said...

Ja! I still have it Don, but its not that great in a place where it rains as much as it does here. I'll wirte about the pros and cons of the satchel/messenger bag vs the typical back pack. Both have thier place.