Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EDC Story Contest/ Giveway

Do you have an interesting EDC related story to tell? Here’s your chance to win a fancy Exotac FireStarter!

I’m interesting in learning about the ways in which your Everyday Carry gear (gun, knife, flashlight, cellphone, cash, etc, etc) has saved the day or somehow come in handy during emergencies or even just solving normal day to day problems. The best story wins a black Exotac nanoSTRIKER XL Ferrocerium Fire Starter donated by our sponsor campingsurvival.com

The steps and conditions are very simple:
1)Write your story in 500-1000 words. This is just a general guideline, you can use more or less if that’s what you need to tell your story.
2)You have until Sunday, April 28th to submit your story (my email can be found on the right column, in red) That will give you the weekend to sit and write a bit.  I’ll read them all and announce a winner on Tuesday, April 30th.
3)This time the contest is for USA only. Don’t worry, the next one will include everyone world wide ;-)

The contest starts as of right now so if you have something in mind start writing!



Unknown said...

True story:

I was having a fish fry lunch with 2 ladies, and one of them couldn't tear her packet of tartar sauce open.

I pulled out my Swiss Army Classic on my keychain, and I used the little scissors to cut open a corner of the tartar sauce packet for her.

She didn't thank me; I think she didn't like the fact I was carrying a "knife".

The other lady exclaimed that she didn't know the Classic had a pair of scissors ... which is surprising, since I had given her an Edelweiss (flowers) Classic for a Christmas gift.

I proceeded to list the different tools it contained.

I don't think she's ever used hers.

Oh, well ...

~ jcard21

Ben H said...

Hey Ferfal, sent you an email about donating a prize to the EDC contest. Plz email me back if you are interested.