Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The World Ended With Honey Boo Boo

I hope you guys appreciate this. I just watched about two hours of Honey Boo Boo videos.  My IQ must have dropped 20% because of it and the images will haunt me forever. Gone are the days of the silly “realty shows”. It’s a new world out there people. There’s nothing you can do anymore that is stupid or degrading enough. We didn’t just lose our moral compass. Someone threw away the last compass mankind had and burned and erased all dictionaries so that we don’t even know what the word moral means anymore.

Yesterday I was talking with an American friend that is… well, lets call it disappointed with the way things are going these days in his country.  We talked about how things have been changing in the last few years, not only in America but the entire world. One thing lead to another and he sent me a link to South Park’s Honey Boo Boo episode, a parody about The Learning Channel’s most recent abomination. Yes people, abomination as in abhorrent monstrosity, offensive to the natural order of things. 

I just wasn’t ready for it. After watching the South Park episode I watched the actual show. Compared to the real show, the South Park parody was refined world class humor.
We all know by now what garbage gets labeled as entertainment these days, and reality shows show the worst of what “reality” has to offer. I remember the days when Discovery and History channel were “boring” by the average guy’s standards, full of documentaries about space, nature or academic approaches to various social and cultural events. Today? Well, you know.

How can I explain what “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” represents?
Lets see. A morbidly obese family, including 7 year old “Honey Boo Boo”. This is a child overweight beyond what any doctor would consider healthy and yet fed in a way I wouldn’t feed my dog. That kid is being murdered with corn syrup. I’m not kidding. It’s a clearly morbidly obese child being fed fat and syrup in a deliberate attempt against its health. If live coverage of such neglect isn’t enough to have the child taken away by Child Protective Service I don’t know what else is needed.
 Any cheap and disgusting thing you’ve ever seen on TV is here. Farting, mucus eating and burping with constant references to how the family members look like pigs. TLC is as subtle as getting a haircut with a lawnmower with their swine references. A teen mother that doesn’t know what “abdomen” means.  A 33 year old grandmother with four kids from four different fathers living in filth, all of them with such poor speak skills, they constantly need subtitles as if they spoke in another language. Again, the not so subtle message here is these people aren’t even humans given that you shouldn’t need English subtitles for English speaking people, should you? 

You have all the possible negative redneck stereotypes wrapped into one show: Fat, child beauty pageant obsession, southern accent, ignorance and fast food all edited for that extra disgusting effect and of course, the constant banjo music as icing on the cake. Its all about denigrating the South, about showing low income, welfare white people as sub human animals.
 Quiet, dignified, hard working southerner? No way, this is the ultimate freak show baby! We all know that no one “from the South” goes to college or even touches a book.  All educated Americans come from LA and New York of course. Lets grab a bunch of ignorant clowns, promiscuous, fat and stupid and lets show them doing stupid stuff while drinking corn syrup in a brutal race to diabetes, now that’s what “theSouth” is all about. Oh yeah!
At this point we have to ask ourselves, is this just a tragic accident? The stereotyping and discrimination towards what CNN calls “The South”, is obvious enough, but is this just an unfortunate series of events? Is TLC just trying to make a few more millions by feeding the mass of viewers what they want or is there something else going on here? In the South Park parody they talked about lowering the bar. Is this a deliberate attempt to lower the bar, right there to the floor where we can all just trip on it and break our necks? 

I don’t believe much in coincidences and I especially don’t believe in THAT many coincidences. When you make a deliberate attempt to portrait a poor white southern family as the most disgusting pack of animals on the planet, a mockery of what the American family used to be, you sure as hell have an agenda. In case this is all too subtle for the average viewer, TLC throws in a plastic baby Jesus, toes eaten by rats, and Honey Boo Boo spitting in its face. Take that Bible Belt!
You know what’s worse? What makes you lose all hope ? Its not the millions watching it, because millions can watch it like they can watch a youtube clip of a plane crash or car accident. The worst part is something else.
The worst part is that people “like” it.
 As in they like it on youtube, facebook, social media. In general they do like it and feel this is just good ‘ol fun. Oh boy! Put me some of ‘em subtitles ‘cause I’m know no more how is spoke ‘em English!

Honey Boo Boo (God, brain cells do die each time I type this) isn’t about the decline of America. Sadly enough, Honey Boo Boo is what you have AFTER the collapse. This is the post-collapse American family people. As cheap and useless as it gets. This is what America has become, but not just America. This is what Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America has turned into as well. Its global. In UK parents burn down their house with their kids inside for the insurance. In Spain a 40 year old chops his parents to pieces with a sword because they don’t let him play videogames any more. The lowest common denominator indeed. You just cant get any lower than this, than people effectively transformed into a bunch of brute animals. Into Pigs. Pigs that speak, but barely so. They need subtitles after all.  TLC has gone Gorge Orwell on us.  

I leave you with the two most significant quotes of the 21th century, the ones that mark the collapse of western civilization, forget that, the collapse of all human kind. 

“Honey Boo Boo endorsed me, so that's a big relief.”
Barack Obama

“I wish I had an extra finger. Then I could grab more cheeseballs.”
 Honey Boo Boo


Anonymous said...


I am from the South and proud of it as are most southerners. Honey Boo Boo is just one more slap at us. The powers that be have been doing this to us since reconstruction. Media wants the rest of our country to think badly of us because we tend to have very conservative views, and, if they can make us look stupid, they can discount our views. They don't realize that 80% of all people in all the arts are from the South. How about that for creativity? They don't realize that a majority of our military is from the South. How is that for preparedness for bad events and a patriotic willingness to fight for what we believe? Even our leader has discounted us by taking pot shots at us for holding on to our guns and God. Most people from the South are probably more familiar with our country's history and foundation than he is. We have long memories because we are raised to remember.
All of their put downs are just fine with us if it will keep those who feel so superior away from here. We don't need people with haughty attitudes who think they can tell us how to live and think while they are flushing our beloved country down the toilet. Let them just continue to think that we aren't worth bothering about. Just another exercise in divisiveness.

Anonymous said...

Senor Fiesta here.

Couldn't agree more about the show and terrible dietary habits on it. However, this is kind of interesting.


Still hate the show and all it represents and I'm not even southern.

Anonymous said...

whew! You go Ferfal!!!!
I am sticking to my guns and until my God returns... I think He's coming soon!

cptbill said...

Never even heard of this "Honey Boo Boo thing", and I don't watch any "reality tv" at all.
I pretty much lost interest in most tv when "family guy" came around (guess that's almost Shakespearean nowadays).
I just got to remember that despite my lack of exposure to modern tv, there are millions out there who relish this trash ,and further, emulate this deviancy. Just got to continue the prep.

Greek Caste System said...

Yes, it's the collapse of western civilization but not of the human kind. Muslim world seem to have a renewed vigor. I admit it, despite the fact that I am not a muslim and I do not want to be one.

Anonymous said...

Nice article Ferfal.

I'm originally from a rural southern area, and as such, typically take the unpopular conservative point of view. A quick story if I may:

Right after Obama's second election, I was taking a sociology class at my local university. The liberal Professor teaching the class referred to rural people, who voted against Obama, as being "backwards." The argument which ensued nearly ended with me being in the Dean of Students office.

What's my observation sir? There most certainly is an "agenda" taking place in the United States today, and on multiple levels.

Good luck to us, because in the coming years, we're all going to need it.

Steve said...

It may be there is a world ending event staring us right in the face. Yet the Media keeps giving ups Honey Bo Bo. Fukushima reactor 4 spent fuel rods total 4 tons. There are 1500 rods. If the cooling water is not kept constantly refreshed, if there is an earthquake, if the ground under the reactor collapses or if during a never done before removal of these rods fails a nuclear reaction with 1000 time the energy of Hiroshima will occur, but unlike Hiroshima it will not be a single event, this Nuclear furnace will rage for years 24/7, thus ending most animal life on earth.


lemmiwinks said...

Steve, re: Fukushima there is a possibility that the the spent fuel rods are already beginning some open air fission: http://rt.com/op-edge/fukushima-radiation-threat-level-288/ From the moment that sucker went down I knew there was no hope of ever restarting those reactors like the media was crapping on about, even before the containment vessel was breached. Fukushima makes Chernobyl look like a Vicarage tea party but TEPCO and the Japanese government silence makes Soviet USSR commentary on Chernobyl look like full and frank disclosure.

Here's some good advice for anyone living in a country with nuclear power stations:

"...take a map, mark every nuclear installation around where you are, draw a 50km radius circle around each, and then start seeing to it that you, your family and your friends are not in any of these circles. Pay attention to prevailing winds and coastal and ocean currents, which should extend your personal nuclear exclusion zone."

It seems like there is a bit of a convergence of issues at the moment, limits to growth, resource depletion, even (dirty word for most) climate change (hey, we just had the warmest winter on record, good for my firewood bill but..?) The old order (politicians and the vested interests that control them) are becoming less relevant in day to day life although they don't realise it. Things will have to change eventually, to what I don't know but it's certain we can't continue like this indefinitely.

Change is hard, especially when those in power (hello there NSA!) are fighting so hard to maintain it; spying on their own citizens in the name of keeping you "safe" etc. As for the brain rot that passes for entertainment, it's just bread and circuses. When that stops working, then you clamp down using all the information you have amassed. I doubt there has ever been a time in human history when so many people have willingly disseminated so much personal information so freely!

I agree with Greek Caste System. I'll die before I'm ruled by Sharia law.

Apologies for the ramble!

LFMayor said...

I have to heartily disagree with your statement about after the collapse sir.

Due to misguided "philanthropy" and progressive mindsets and activities, The Part Darwin Got Correct has been interrupted for the past 40 or 50 years here in the USA.

The SHTF will supply a all invasive remedy for this, as the incompatibles will be weeded out.

I understand your had your own experience in your homeland, but would counter point to you that there were still functioning parts of the world to take up the slack. Because of this, Argentina experienced a "fizzle", not a full blow meltdown/explosion.

When the US finally goes, it all goes and it's going to be a real tough time for sub IQ types or individuals who are not able to adapt and apply violence as needed.

In closing, I would recommend you follow the example Elvis demonstrated and shoot your television at the first opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Without question, our western culture has lost its moral compass. I did not know about Honey Boo Boo as we discontinued cable, and therefore any reception, over ten years ago. We do not miss it.

While I know very little about HBB, and it certainly sounds like parental neglect or worse. I have watched a number of Shirley Temple movies. The girl is almost always sitting on men's laps, and mostly wears dresses that go no longer than her undergarment. It is usually men who are strangers, many times older men, that physically pick her up. Hollywood has had a deserved bad reputaion since Mae West and before. Movies, even the old B&W ones, have been a vehicle for swaying opinion and lifestyle, and has been a successful contribution to the "culture," or rather lack of it, that we see today.

Lance said...

Honey Boo Boo's mom calling the South Park parody 'trashy'. What can one say? If you did not die laughing yet this may finish the job.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It's propaganda building up hatred toward rural, particularly southern, whites. It's not quite as bad as the anti-Jewish propaganda films of 1930's Germany, but it's still ugly. Progressives always dehumanize those who would get in the way of their utopia.

September 4, 2013 at 10:14 PM

On this I fully agree. Mass media (esp. for "low information people") are fully engaged in dehumanizing regions and populations in preparation for what may become a Maoist/Stalinist slaughter. The USA is as good at dehumanizing and then slaughtering people as any in history. I wish it weren't so.

Anonymous said...

I would watch the show, if my remote had a button that I could press to instantly kill whoever on the show I aimed it at.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Spot on. Shared to F.B. for all my friends to read. It is so sad that a man from a different country can spell and speak better than most of the people referenced in Honey PooPOO. Stellar article and insight.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching that South Park episode and wondering who/what the heck is a Honey Boo Boo! I had no idea. I had to Google it and couldn't believe there was a real person attached to that name. I've never watched an episode because I rightfully assumed that if the character in South Park was an accurate portrayal of real life, I didn't want to stain my psyche with images that I'd have to live with for the rest of my life.
Because people actually watch crap like this and call it entertainment, it is truly scarey to ponder how far things will have to degrade to turn their stomachs.

Anonymous said...

It's just more of the unending propaganda against the white race, not just Southern U.S. whites. I've been telling people for years that the proof is hidden in plain sight. 'Hidden' because it is disguised as supposed humor. Watch any TV show, TV commercial or movie and you will see whites portrayed as stupid, ugly, fat, evil, weak, clumsy, undesirable to beautiful women, cowardly, uncoordinated, etc., etc., etc. Whether it's a comedy or drama, this is always the case.

PrepNow said...

I don't know, I see TLC and others) as lowering the bar because the American public wants it lowered. As they say television mimics reality, not the other way around. We as a society (to a degree) do not place an emphasis on moral standards, demand respect from our kids, or hold ourselves accountable to others; as our previous generations did.

Media, has become our entertainer and sounding boards. If I have a problem with Joe Blow I'll let the rest of the world know about it on Twitter or FB. If I want more sensationalism or stimulation than I'm getting from my hoodrat friends, then I'll turn on some reality TV.

Beyond this and that, I think it's all about distracting us from what's really happening behind the scenes, the things we should pay attention to and the things that can/will change our way of living.

Thanks for the opinion.

Anonymous said...

My main hope in mankind is that the good virtuous men will tough it out with the help of god and that it takes a surprising amount of effort for time a majority of elementery and high schools take stupifying children through dr. Seuss books and keeping them from thyinking of the reasoning behind things.