Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fish Antibiotics at camping Survival

I’ve often mentioned the importance of having antibiotics at hand. While antibiotics are not some magical cure-all pills, If you do need antibiotics then there’s really no other thing that will do nearly as good in spite of all the natural remedies available. The simple matter is, if you need antibiotics and don’t have them, the infection spreads and you can end up losing a limb or downright die. At the same time and due to needing a prescription for them, people rarely have antibiotics in their first aid kits in countries where they are not available over-the-counter.

Right after mentioning this the next question is “Where can I get antibiotics?”.
The first thing to keep in mind is that antibiotics sure aren’t candy and you should only take them when you need them, in that case a doctor will write you a prescription for them, so first read as much as you can about antibiotics and when you actually need to take them. Here’s a good start.  *Link*
Remember that overuse of antibiotics is the reason why infections keep getting harder to fight because bacteria adapt more and more to them.
Unfortunately, in most countries only a doctor can prescribe antibiotics for you, so check with your doctor about that.

On the bright side, if you have fish, you can stock up on antibiotics for them!
Warning: These are not for human consumption, but just in case your fish needs antibiotics our sponsor Camping Survival has a good variety to treat your fish. 
Check with a doctor before using any medication. Check with your vet before medicating you fish. Always follow FDA regulations and recommendations.


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Unknown said...

There are about 70 different antibiotics actually in use. One better makes sure he got the right pills for the job, or the stuff will do more harm then good to the body.
As allways one has to prepare for the most likely scenarios, not for the zombie-attack.

The question is.... what are the most likely scenarios/illnesses in a SHTF-Scenario to prepare for?