Saturday, May 31, 2014

Professional Criminal’s weapons in Argentina

These weapons were being used by two criminals recently apprehended in Buenos Aires. They are believed to be members of a gang that specializes in home invasions and were arrested after a car chase followed by a gunfight. They were armed with two 9mm Bersa pistols with an extra large double stack magazine and a 7.5” barrel M4 carbine with laser sights. They also had a radio scanner, probably used to scan police frequencies or communicate with accomplices. 

It isn’t uncommon to find these kind of professional criminals also wearing body armor or using disguises, dressing up like policemen. They are usually well armed, well trained and very motivated. 

For dealing with this kind of organized criminals, you have to be well armed and well trained yourself if you expect to have a chance at all of winning a confrontation.



Anonymous said...

Even well trained home defenders would have a tough time against that kind of attack. The criminals get to pick the time and are prepared more than the unwary homeowner. At best, you might win, but still get shot and end up in the hospital for a long time.

How do you put up a fight against invaders dressed like police officers? Doubt would block you from acting.

Don Williams said...

My family and I stayed in a rental house in Hawaii last year during vacation. The house had some interesting features not common in the USA.

One, it was within a few blocks of the Hawaii state Department of Defense/armory.

Two, it had six foot high concrete walls over a foot thick and sliding steel gates across the two driveways that had to be opened with a code and which closed automatically after about 20 seconds. The house itself was built of concrete with thick walls albeit with some sliding glass doors. The rear door had tempered glass over 1/2 inch thick opening to a small swimming pool that could serve as a water cistern for months.

Three, it had a safe in one of the bedrooms for use of the guests and also had a strong room
in the master bedroom.

The strong room was locked so I could not see the contents but typically they have security camera monitors, very strong doors, possibly firearms, means to communicate with the police,etc. The strong room/master bedroom was on the second story and a balcony gave access to it from the other upstairs bedrooms without the need to go downstairs.

The house had an alarm system, of course.

House lot was about 1/3 of an acre. Somewhat small but one security manual I have seen suggests larger perimeters can't be guarded without a lot of men.

Corner lot so open spaces beyond the perimeter walls for about 100 feet on two sides --plus three exit routes from the home.

In contrast, many homes in the continental US have no perimeter walls and the house walls are not particularly thick.

While I have noticed that some defense related companies have erected standoff barriers (winding driveways, tight turns, landscaping with lines of granite blocks about 1 meter thick,etc.)to prevent hostile vehicles from charging up,

most American homes have a front door that could be easily crashed through by a stolen vehicle coming down the driveway. The police can't be called if the landline is cut and cell phone jammers are widely available. Not a problem in most middle class suburbs today but hard to defend if things ever turned as bad as they did in Argentina.

Double Tapper said...

If guys like that break into your house and catch you unaware, you aren't going to make it.

Fortunately, we haven't gotten to that point here. You are far more likely to be shot by the police in a no-knock raid than by such criminals in the US.

Here, you have primarily property crime. Stolen autos, snatch and grab, some home theft (sadly increasing). The US is actually going in the opposite direction despite what fear mongers say - violent crime is decreasing. What we do have is extensive media coverage of crime and it makes it look worse.