Friday, June 26, 2015

Icebreaker 100% Merino Wool Clothes

In my search for the ultimate survivalist wardrobe I came across Icebreaker brand of clothes. I’m pretty excited with my first Icebreaker 100% Merino base layer. Fits great and being made of 100% merino wool, what’s not to like?

-Warm, even when wet
-Cool when needed
-Wicking action, drawing moisture away from the skin.
-Antibacterial properties.
-Naturally odor-resistant, Non-itch merino
-Great material and very finely made garment.



Anonymous said...

Try Smartwool. It last longer!

Anonymous said...

Last year, I stocked up on high percentage Merino wool socks at our local Academy when the spring 'sell-off' was occuring. It is good year round, tough and nearly as comfortable as super blends in the heat and humidity where we live.

Vintage Wool-rich jackets and anoraks for the winter time - wool kicks ass, even if it is a bit expensive.

Anonymous said...

I love the IceBreaker wool socks! My wife's SmartWool StandUP socks have worn out in the heel.