Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy people: A Year in Taiga

I’m pretty sure I posted this before, maybe last year, but in case you missed it it’s worth posting again.
Happy People: A Year in Taiga goes along the journey of one year with the professional trappers and hunters living along the Taiga river in Russia. These are hardy, no-nonsense old world people. They make a living in one of the harshest parts of the world, one that is at that beautiful and full of natural resources. The skill and resourcefulness they show is admirable.
It’s the second time I watch this documentary. Its four parts, one for each season (as in actual seasons of the year) each lasting one hour. Again, worth every minute of it.

One of the things that stuck with me this time though is that even though I bet they are happy people and some of them probably chose such a life, I sure wouldn’t trade places with them any time soon. In spite of the beautiful natural surroundings you can also see the Spartan way of life, in many ways limited. At the end of the day the trapping, fishing and hunting is done for good old money mostly, and they make rather little of it at that. Clearly being frugal is one of their main survival skills and if applied to any other line of work, likely one that pays better, it’s also understandable that a person would thrive as well.

Again, the skill and resourcefulness is amazing. How they cut down trees to make everything from skies to canoes, driving, navigating, repairing, fishing, hunting, trapping. While these people may be jack of all trades, they sure have mastered several of them as well.
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Emerald said...

I agree with you, I wouldn't trade either. I love my "luxuries"...washer, dryer, fridge, electricity, plumbing. I am grateful & thankful for the simplicity they add to my life & having them let's me use my time for fun things like playing with my granddaughter or taking a walk with my dog. I guess simplicity is relative. Thanks for another great post!

Anonymous said...

Admirable life. Try it most places today and you better be able to hide good, because the second this get bad you will be put in a camp.

Leonid said...

I believe it's up on Netflix, as well. I loved it as well, and the frugality side of it speaks to me as materialism has lost much of its sheen to my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Taiga is not a river, its a hude north-east region in Russia covered with great forests)