Thursday, May 4, 2017

Politically correct guns for survival?

Hello Fernando,
I've stumble across your "Surviving in Argentina blog during it's economic collapse.  I found it refreshing to here what you had to say compared to other survival and prepping sites. I live the United States and I feel that an economic collapse is our biggest threat.  Living in the midwest, my next realistic big threat would be tornadoes and flooding where I'd have to vacate my home.
Due to our past political climate where our 2nd amendment rights were serious under assault resulting everything being in short supply and prices marked up for last eight years.  As such I had bought my future firearms with future gun legislature in mind thinking our future gun control being along the lines of Australia.  While nothing happened on national level, individual states have passed restrictive guns laws, "high capacity" magazine bans for pistols, and "assault weapon bans" prohibiting AR-15's and such.
Should those of us in living in the United States try to take future gun legislature into account when purchasing our firearms?  Because while a Glock 17 or 19 with it's high capacity and light weight is great, it will become illegal in several states where the majority of us live.
Thank you for your feedback and help!
Hello Leo,
I would actually think the other way around, get what I need before it gets banned or restricted. Although Trump isn’t likely to lobby against Gun Rights, the risk is in what each State or even each city may end up enforcing. Some US States have pretty draconian gun laws.
Get your Glocks, ARs, Aks and anything you want now. In the past, restrictions didn’t affect certain weapons or magazines you already owned ( “high-capacity” magazines).
There’s no harm in having other guns as well. I don’t know all State laws but I’m pretty sure a Mossberg 500 with an 18 inch barrel is legal in most places and is still a pretty solid home defense weapon that can be had for a couple hundred bucks when bought used. No reason not to have one.
But no, I most definitely wouldn’t limit my firepower and defensive capabilities simply because they in theory may, one day, get banned at some point.
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


Unknown said...

since banned items (including guns) increase in price in the barter (black market) economy, wouldn't it be a good idea to stockpile those? examples:
1. R-22 refrigerant in air conditioning units has tripled its price in the USA during 2016.
2. Chlordane for termite control has gone up more than 40X since the EPA banned it.
3. Ephedra diet pills are on par with Oxycodone in value.

not that we should hoard the above, however, if we know something which is currently legal and "works well for a good price" AND is scheduled to be banned or restricted, would you recommend
building a reservoir for the future?

Charlotte Lindsey said...

I can start reading this and not stop till I got it all read, its all that good all of it

Anonymous said...

Ferfal, you are completely right on this, speaking as an Australian who had his guns taken in the 1996 gun grab, based on a false flag massacre. Get your guns now before Australian-style legislation on a state basis makes it practically possible to do. Ammo supplies are important because they will move to make it illegal to acquire large quantities of ammo, or even store it. New legislation coming in Australia makes it necessary for gum owners to have high security safes, and to have CCTV surveillance and security firm monitoring if you own over 20 guns. All this is to eliminate gun ownership by ordinary folk.

leomort said...

Perhaps I can add some clarification to my politically correct guns for survival. I believe California pass a ban on all semi automatic long guns without any grandfather clause. I believe the US Supreme Court rule that California did not violate the 2nd amendment with their legislative act?

Aside note that several states already banned the online selling/shipping of ammo into their state.

I'm also try take some other consideration with my firearms selection aside from future gun bans. One is how expensive the firearm along with ammunition. As well as how heavy the firearm and ammunition. Third, is that my girlfriend will also be able to use.

So while a FN FAL is great semiautomatic rifle in 7.62x51, it is expensive and heavy firearm as is the ammunition. Second, my girlfriend would not want to shoot it.

So for me, a 223rem would be a better option despite its lack of punch and reach compared to the 308win. The firearm and it's ammunition is light plus ammo and reloading components are cheap and ubiquitous.

The same consideration for handguns. While I love 1911's in 45acp, truth a polymer striker fired pistol in 9mm is probably a better choice.