Wednesday, May 16, 2018

(Video) Brazilian Police Woman shoots Bad Guy

Hi FerFal,
Just an article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5724427/Gunmans-attempted-robbery-families-waiting-outside-school-Sao-Paulo-foiled-mother.html
Apart from the praise of her awareness, the lady showed quite a good tactical movement (even the robber down, she immediately went for cover, still maintaining aim), and it's also worth noticing this form of concealed carry: in her bag.
I wouldn't bet she can draw a gun from her bag without alerting the robber, but she did, and exactly how you wrote about the 4-o-clock carry: partially turning away, covering her gun right until taking aim and then shooting immediately, without warnings, without 'just wounding', right for the most probable way of downing the attacker.
In addition to it, this is quite a good pro-gun argument. I don't think too much wannabe-robbers will try again at that school.
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Ps.: I just wish our police would be this alert too...

Hello G.
Yes, saw it a couple days ago. Brazilian police do not mess around. Lots of hands on experience and it shows in the determination displayed when actual fights go down.
She did several things right, many that are quite hard to do in the heat of the moment under such stress.
She picks the right time to make her move, shoots several times, manages not to shoot any of the several bystanders, moves for cover behind the engine of the car, then moves forward again and kicks the gun away form the attacker.
Just a well trained lady with nerves of steel.
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I was expecting this video on this site and voalá. Keep up the good work FerFal