Monday, April 1, 2019

Body Armor for Preppers: Why it’s a must-have item

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“Preppers don't need body armor, concentrate on food, first aid, energy, shelter. Waste of money.”
This was posted in the comments soon after I posted my video on body armor (found below), to which I replied:
“Really? Let me know how many people got stabbed/shot to death in recent weeks in your country vs people starving to death.”

It always surprises me though, how little people understand the importance of body armor.
When it comes to guns everyone agrees that yes, you should have them for a number of reasons. Self defense? Sure. But how does that work? It makes perfect sense to have a number of guns to defend yourself but these same people will claim you’re crazy if you get armor.

Practically everyone that carries a gun as part of their job will most likely wear body armor as well. In fact, even in countries like UK where many LEO don’t carry a sidearm, they still wear a vest. EMTs in many parts of US wear body armor just in case. It simply makes sense.

You’re not about to wear it all day long, any more than you carry a rifle all day long. But just like the rifle, in certain situations you may be wise to pick it up and when you do so it may save your life.

Safeguard Stealth Pro

The folks over at Safeguard Armor asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their gear and of course I was glad to do so.

The Stealth Pro model soon caught my attention. It’s a concealable IIIA vest that includes interior pockets for SAPI plates should you chose to include them for rifle protection.
But concealment is where this vest shines. The vest is surprisingly light and comfortable to wear compared to my old IIIA vest. The vest is made of CoolMAX, a moisture-wicking and breathable polyester fabric.

Traveling during times of civil unrest or bad parts of town, when you go check something that went bump in the night, when picking large quantities of cash or buying/selling with strangers you met online, for any potential high-risk situation body armor may be a life saver. Unlike firearms, it is unrestricted in most of the United States and Europe.

Safeguard Armor is located in Leeds, UK and they do ship internationally as well.
Check their website https://www.safeguardarmor.com/


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


Anonymous said...

Body armor does have a few draw backs. In much of the US it makes you a target for law enforcement. They home in on anyone with body armor on who is not working as a cop or a clerk in a high crime district. Because it is a federal crime to own body armor if you are a felon they feel perfectly justified in detaining you for as long as they wish. In fact in most of the USA having a vest on is more likely to see you in hand cuffs than open carry is. Second point. Body armor has a limited shelf life. You are spending a lot of money for something you must replace every five years. Third. Only steel plates give multi-hit protection. Soft armor only stops hand gun bullets, and they don't always do that. Last BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA. If you get hit, and IF the bullet fails to penetrate the body armor, you are still going to get a severe wound. If hit with a 12Ga. shotgun slug or OO buckshot at anything under 50 feet it will kill you anyway just from the impact. ---Ray

Steve said...

One of the plot holes of every apoytolpic movie is that no one has body armour. Hey Zombies have access points, block those and you are in good shape.

Steve said...

The US Army has something to say about body armour.