Thursday, December 19, 2019

15 Items to Carry in your EDC Bag

Wenger backpack
Saddleback Leather Briefcase
Polare Leather Briefcase (similar to the Saddleback Briefcase, but cheaper)

Items Listed:
1)Multitool (Leatherman Wave)
2)Knife (Glock Survival Knife)
3)Flashlight (Zebralight H53W AA)
4)Water Bottle (Klean Kanteen)
5)Small First Aid Kit (Protect Life)
6)Tourniquet (Recon-Milspec)
7)Celox Gauze
8)Sabre Red Pepper Gel
9)Power bank (Anker)
10)Notebook and Pen
11)Spare magazine/speedloader
12)Lighter (Bic)
14)Hand Sanitizer (Purell)
15)Paracord 550
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Aba said...

what was the air filter mask that you recommended?