Monday, February 24, 2020

Coronavirus: Time to get ready is running out.

Resultado de imagen de coronavirus soldado italia
The WHO alerts of a possible "pandemic"

Hundreds infected and at least 7 dead in Italy. 10 communities with restricted travel, schools closed and people are already stocking up and leaving shelves empty.
If you still dont have full face respirators, nitrile gloves, and face masks, (links inlcuded) Get them while you can. Dont forget the alcohol based hand sanitizer. These will all run out once people see on the news that there's an outbreak near by.

And food! You should have a respectable stockpile already in case you have to Shelter in Place.
If you dont, check out this video list so as to know what to buy and head to the store as soon as possible.

Chances are there's not much more time and a pandemic will be declared soon.
Now is not the time to panic, but it is the time to take those steps if you havent taken them already.
Dont wait until the last minute.


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Anonymous said...

What about hair protection? Is that a concern, and what would you recommend?

Unknown said...

Hi Fernando, great video, always good to have a reminder of "store what you eat, eat what you store".
May I add: as a superfresh vitamin supply, you can buy organic lentils (not too expensive) and make them sprout. These sprouts are said to multiply their vitamin content by 10 times and it is a nice crunchy taste. Just a handful of lentils makes a good fresh salad