Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Coronavirus Impact: Bank stocks dive, JPMorgan off by nearly 4%

GS: JP Morgan Headquarters lobby silhouettes

Preparedness wise, on a pandemic level, we still need to see how things keep developing to know for sure how bad it will get.  Let’s keep an eye on the economic aspect as well. The impact of the pandemic is already huge and the worst is yet to come.

Stock up on the essentials while you still can. many cities are already seeing empty shelves. N95 respirators have mostly sold out by now, but you can still get 3M half-masks in Amazon, better yet, get the full face masks from 3M. Alcohol based hand sanitizer? Forget about it. Sold out and worth a fortune. Check the prices in Amazon if you have the stomach for it. A small bottle of Purell goes for like 40 bucks.

Even food is starting to sell out, fill any gaps you may have in your stockpile with bulk staples such as rice (Lundberg Wild Blend, 4 Pounds) Pet food is something else you should consider buying extra of.

I keep listing these things because I keep getting asked about them. People want to know which masks would work (the ones listed do, N95/FFP2 or better) and what else they should be getting. This is all classic preparedness gear most long term preppers have, but there's just not enough when everyone goes after it at the same time and prices and "out of stock" signs reflect that.
There's still time, but not much. Things are likely to get "complicated" soon in many places.
Good luck folks.


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