Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Coronavirus: Social Unrest and Famines of "biblical proportions" within Months

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Scott Daniels said...

I agree with your assertion that there are a lot of preppers that have unrealistic views. I also agree that the coronavirus is not a hoax. However, I do believe that the fear and reaction has been way overblown. I also believe that trying to prevent contracting the illness is not the best course of action.

This virus is, in reality, a type of cold virus; genetically engineering perhaps, but basically a really bad cold. Yes, it can be deadly, but so can many other colds. My point here is that cold viruses are so contagious that it is futile to try to prevent contact with the germs. If you hunker down and don't go out now, you only set yourself up for possibly getting it next winter when you think it is all over. So, it may just not be possible to prevent contracting it.

A better approach would be to prevent it causing serious illness. Effective prevention includes at a minimum 5,000 IU of vitamin D daily (or even more - a blood test is the best way to determine dosage), 3,000 milligrams or more of vitamin C spread out over the day, and a very good multivitamin that contains Selenium, Iodine, and Zinc (30 mg/day). Life Extension 2 per day fits the bill.

A healthy person not taking medications with this daily regimen should have nothing to fear from this virus. More susceptible individuals should adopt a more rigorous supplement regimen (see articles by Bill Sardi for more information). They should also purchase an O2 concentrator to prevent the need to go to the hospital. The unfortunate facts are that covid-19 patients on ventilators die most of the time (the ventilators actually doing harm), and hospitals have been known to put patients on ventilators in order to save oxygen. An O2 concentrator will put one's own self in charge of their health. Susceptible individuals should also arrange beforehand with their doctor to be prescribed Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, and Zinc 50mg capsules should be obtained (no prescription needed). If the illness should strike, the patient will then have drugs and Zinc on hand that have been shown effective in many cases.

None of what is said should be construed as medical advice, but is meant to help people be better informed since ignorance about this virus and health in general is so widespread, particularly among doctors who should know better.

I am not a doctor, but have cured or successfully treated myself for four different health problems that the medical profession consider untreatable, so I consider myself reasonably knowledgeable about health-related topics, and in many areas more so than most doctors (sadly). As a prepper, we should take charge of our health just as we do in other areas. Doctors should be relied on only as consultants and not as authorities.