Thursday, June 25, 2020

Preparedness for Diabetics

I am 70 years old and a type 2 diabetic. With the health care and
insurance regulations I can only stockpile a maximum of 90 days of
medications. If I plan on cutting all my medications in half that
leaves me at most 180 days of survival. With no other family to plan
for why should I try to stockpile other supplies for longer survival?
Hello Jim, sorry to hear that.
There are a few things you can do though. Fist, I found this link to be worth the read, written bit a diabetic prepprer.
Try to stay as healthy as possible, eating well and exercising. Eating more of a plant based diet, avoiding junk food and sticking to quality sources of protein, no smoking and no drinking, that and doing cardiovascular workout at least for 45 minutes, 3 times a week (go for an hour if you can) will greatly improve your overall health and immune system. I know you already know all of this but man, I have to remind it to myself as well!
I’m no athlete and the idea of going to the gym alone bores me to death. So I just got one of these:

Schwinn Compact Elliptical Machine
Any mid-price elliptic a trainer allows you to climb on it and work on your cardio without leaving your house. Don’t get the cheapest model, get something solid with a reasonable flywheel weight, say 12kg.
What I do is find some TV series to get hooked on and watch it while I work out. Try Vikings on Amazon prime if you haven’t seen it already.
Other than that, the precautions we’ve gone through here as well. Wear a quality mask (not some political statement cloth mask, but a real mask) use gloves for shopping or use hand sanitizer after touching things in stores.
You may try asking your doctor for additional medicine given the situation.
As of why bother with anything else given your medication limit, well, it would suck to somehow come across more medication and be lacking a number of others things you could have prepared for.
Best of luck!
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FightThePower said...

My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 5 years ago when he was 15. As a burgeoning prepper, when confronted with the supply restrictions (90 day supply, no exceptions) I immediately thought "What are we going to do if and when TSHTF?" For some strange reason, doctors don't believe such events occur (with Covid-19, I bet many of them are now of a different opinion). To get around the restrictions, my wife and I strongly encouraged
our son to inflate the insulin usage numbers he reported to his doctor. As a consequence, his doctor would prescribe the inflated figure. After 5 years of this, my son has a 3 year supply of fast-acting and long-acting insulin at his current usage level. Yes, this is dishonest. Is it unethical? I don't think so. There is no shortage of insulin. Not only do we here in the U.S. need a prescription to get insulin, we also pay through the nose for a product that costs triple the price Canadians pay. And there are no purchase restrictions since one doesn't need a prescription there.

alex carter said...

I've heard you can tell your doctor you're going on a vacation, and get extra medicine that way. Trouble is, travel is shutting down and the US is being isolated (for good reason) from the first world. The best tip is to get the hell out of the US to a first world nation, but that time's passed. First world countries have medical care for everyone, and people don't die because they can't get insulin.

A third possibility is that bodybuilders use insulin to bulk up, so there may be black market sources for it. I suspect more and more of the US population will only be able to get needed medicines through the black market so it may be time for you and me both to learn to access it.

Anonymous said...

If you want to prepare just pay cash for an additional 6 month supply of meds. Any pharmacy other than the one you usually patronize with be willing to take cash.

Anonymous said...

If you want to prepare just pay cash for an additional 6 month supply of meds. Any pharmacy other than the one you usually patronize with be willing to take cash.

Anonymous said...

I am in same predicament as the original poster, but my medication is blood thinner. I have an artificial heart valve that requires viscosity of blood to be thin to not clot up. Apparently, my body is running catsup (ketchup :^). So when my blood gets thick enough, I am done.

Yes, there are medicines like aspirin that have those properties, but how will I know what it is ?