Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reply: Knife Offensive Use

Everyone wants to take a knife for granted - but once you are close, a knife is a better weapon than a gun. It's a LONG video, but when you have some time, go watch 'Surviving Edged Weapons' on YouTube. If you want to know how 5 people, (or more)can be killed FAST by 1 guy with a knife, this video will clear things up:


Thanks, a bit long but that's a good video on knife attacks.
It has some good interviews and images ( *graphic images warning*), but it is well worth watching. The lesson here would be, armed with a firearm or not, you underestimate a knife, any knife, at your own risk.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Knife Offensive Use

Hi Fernando, I thought you may find this article interesting, if you
haven't already seen it. It's a tragic situation, but does exemplify
how lethal a situation like this can be:

Thanks Craig, very interesting.
A knife can be a terrible weapon. Any knife will cut and most of them can be used as weapons if there’s nothing else to defend yourself with, but a very sharp knife of considerable dimensions and in the hands of someone knowledgeable can do an amount of damage most people simply cant imagine.
There’s sharp and then there’s hair slipping razor blade sharp. Such a blade will cut through clothing and flesh like a hot knife through butter and when combined with knowledge of anatomy it can quickly put any would be attacker down for good.
I suggest watching this video I made some time ago, about what happens when people get cut.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cold Steel Vaquero Discontinued? Get it while you Can.

hi, Fernando I know your a big fan of the Cold Steel Vaquero series, as am I,
I prefer the 4inch version. Recently they have been going up in
price, fearing they might be discontinued I went to the Cold Steel
website, and they have been removed from their voyager series page. If
your looking to get a 4inch Vaquero, im thinking now would be the

Thanks Ruben for the heads up. I just checked and I still see the Vaquero, although being one of their least popular models compared to the Clip Point and Tanto I wouldn’t be surprised if they discontinued it, like they did with the older Vaquero and El Hombre before that.  Cold Steel has so many models, it is not uncommon for them to drop models that aren’t very popular.
I checked on Amazon and at least for now the Voyager Vaquero XL which is my favorite one is on sale for $42.62. That’s a great price.

The Vaquero along with the Leatherman Charge Tti makes for a fantastic pocket carry combo. If you're looking to treat yourself this Easter, both are great knives worth every buck.

A model I've had my eye on for some time (ok, I've been drooling all over it for months now) that is also selling for a good price right now is the Zero Tolerance 0561. Scales are G-10 and titanium frame lock, the steel of the blade is ELMAX, a premium nitrogen powder steel considered one of the best knife steels money can buy. The design is Hinderer’s XM-18 and to Zero Tolerance quality. It doesn’t get better than that.

Talking about knives in general, for those interested in my pocket knife philosophy, watch this video.
Take care folks, and Happy Easter!!