Tuesday, February 19, 2008

List of People to be friends with ( continued)

OK guys and gals. This has been going great so far. I’m glad people are enjoying the blog.
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I owe many of you some posts. Marie, Kate and the other requests, I’ll work on them as soon as I can, ok? Please be patient.

Theotherryan, a judge would be PRICELESS. For real. I can assure you that if you can somehow make friendship with one, it’s about the best contact you can make.
I’d even place him above the cherished doctor.
A judge can help not only regarding legal harassment that can ruin your life ( talking based on personal experience) help after a self defense shooting, help during legal problems that would otherwise take years.

A judge should be top of your list, at least top 3.

People sometimes concentrate too much on the guns and shooting part ( agreed, it is more fun) but getting off the hook is just as important.
I know of a man that killed two during a home invasion. He happened to shoot them as they turned to leave, he even used the much romanticized lever action rifle ( remember all those posts about politically correct guns?) well, it did him little good.
He got charged, the judge considered that the wounds in the back where a sign of shooting while his life was not being threatened. He’s rotting in jail right now, for killing two robbers that broke into his home.
A judge friend would have helped a lot.
A cop friend in his district maybe could have avoided it all…

NWPilgrim, definitely, a church group does help a lot during these times.
Just the amount of people you get to meet who share your values is reason enough. Poor and middle class people rely a lot on their church groups for food, used clothing, finding work, etc.
Then you have the contacts we’re discussing here.

People, with 25% unemployment, most job offers don’t even get to the paper, they get covered before that, by friends, relatives, etc.
It helps a LOT to have a group of people that is willing to help.
“My son/wife/myself is looking for a job. Anyone knows of any opening?”
That’s how most people got their jobs, specially during the first few years after the crisis, and that’s how it still works most of the time. Specially when your profession or field of work isn’t very specialized, and you find 50 guys on the line the following day, applying for that same job.

Got to go guys. Thanks for chipping in with comments.



Ryan said...

For Judges or Sheriffs (almost as good) campaign contributions could be priceless. Throw down the 100 bucks for a bad plate of chow a time or two and do the meet and greet stuff. Could be a great investment even if the Judge just remembers that FerFal is a good normal dude.

I am sad to hear about that friend in Jail. That stuff makes me mad. The best I can suggest is to not shoot unless life limb or sight is in danger. Poping the dude hauling out that new flat screen tv isn't worth it. No matter how nice it would be.

I link whenever I borrow ideas.

Ryan said...

Oh I forgot. On the jobs thing that is so true. I have gotten about half of the various jobs I've had because someone knows someone. In situations where it is general labor or basic work the word gets passed to friends before jobs are posted etc. A good case for a strong network of friends and colleagues.

Unknown said...

I would also make friends with a local farmer/gardner in order to have preferential treatment when produce comes available.

Anonymous said...

The only reason I want to go and complete law school is to obtain the BAR license. A very important card to have in one's wallet. I do not even want a legal career. I rather go teach, which with a JD puts on in a better position then other degrees barring accounting and sciences. But honestly it is the BAR card that attracts me.

Bang on with the job advice. Another thing, not pushing for membership to grow in the one I belong to, would be to join a lodge/fraternal order. One friend got a job just because it was well know to the guy hiring he was a Knight of Columbus member. Lump this under friends, but in reality nepotism is practiced. This helps in the fact that you cannot know everybody but many people are members and do help even without knowing you, which of course is the whole fraternal aspect of these things to begin with.

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