Sunday, April 27, 2008

Making money during the crisis .

One poster at Glocktalk forums was curious as to how money can be made during periods of difficulty like the one developing now in USA these days.

It may seem hard, even impossible, to make money, even get rich, thanks to the crisis but it is possible and some people did in fact get VERY rich.

Many saw the opportunities created by the crisis and made money out of it.
As the infrastructure starts having difficulties, there’s a market to be satisfied.


1)Public schools have been going steadily down in quality? There’s a market for cheap or medium priced private schools that offer a batter education and safety environment.

I know two persons that started with daycare centers some years ago ( mommy now has to work too!!) and today own a school that takes half a block.
It takes little investment, you can start in your own house.

2)High Crime? There’s an entire industry there. Home security, private guards, bodyguards, private neighborhood security.

3)Public Health sucks? Some people are willing to pay for things they consider important, staying alive is one of them.

4)Private health companies made lots of money, even the small ones that started out with just a small building, minimum equipment and a handful of doctors.

5)You don’t have that kind of money?

Look at gas prices. Do you think people can afford that much longer? Even if they could, Saving money and still traveling comfortably is a nice idea.

Some people have gotten filthy rich offering charter services from the suburbs to downtown. Picking office workers during the morning and taking them back home at 6 PM.
They started out with just one van, and now have entire fleets and they are completely booked, people have to wait months to get a seat.

Use your head people.



wallew said...

At some point in this blog, you mentioned you did not have back up to your previous postings. I have eleven of them in Word format. If you wish, I'll gladly send them to you.

I've been reading your stuff for several years. I've seen the USA heading down this same path. We have maybe four years, probably three or less.

Twelve years ago, I quit my computer career and went back to school and got a second degree, this one in gunsmithing.

I've been prepping for twenty years. Tweaking things as they got tested and either worked well or didn't.

Like I said, I've got eleven of your posts in Word. I can post them or email them or .... you tell me what you wish.


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FerFAL said...

Sorry Wallew, those are articles I sold to someone some time ago.
I wasn’t aware of many things back then, and I don’t want to be linked to that person, his forum ( Frugal’s Forum) or his organization/community.

Still, don’t worry, stay tuned and check every now and then, I’ll try to post as time allows, and we’ll cover several subjects little by little. ;)

If you want to find a nice forum, with good-natured, like minded folks, drop by www.minionreport.com


J. Croft said...

Thank you for your excellent survival blog! I've heard about you on the American Patriot web forums for years now, and although you and your wonderful country have suffered from the NWO for years, take heart in that you've given those of us in America trying to prepare for our own staged collapse very valuable insight.

We are all in this together-we're all being slowly squeezed so we all don't wake up, but squeezed nonetheless. It's a culling of the "little people", and the enemy's fear is that one day enough of us will see things the way they really are and do something about it.

In the meantime, survival is the first order. I'll give you some websites:

www.rwva.org This is the Revolutionary War Veterans Association (American Revolution) they have Appleseed Shoots where military rifle marksmanship techniques are taught that'll enable you to hit out to 500 yards.

www.awrm.org A Well Regulated Militia, this is survival and individual, small unit training. Believe it or not, We are all Militia, and a People trained and ready is a deterrent to criminals in and out of government alike.

www.rumormillnews.com, I post there, lots of info on the NWO.

www.infowars.com, Alex Jones flagship website.

You know of course, www.survivalblog.com.

Take care-and please send some prayer to us poor damned Americans!

J. Croft

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well Ferfal, nice to see you got a blog up and running. I've read much of your work regarding the Argentine fiscal collapse, and you certainly got me thinking.

My idea is to set up a gold/silver trading stall. I plan to finance this through selling bullion coins that I now have, use this money to buy gold/silver jewellery/scrap, then when I have a fair bit acquired sell to the refinery and take payment in bullion coins/bars to which I can then sell to the bank to buy more gold/silver and so on. I'll no doubt sell gold/silver to people who wish to buy also and the difference between what I sell to the bank and what I receive from the refiner is my profit.

I also cut gemstones, (it's a hobby I have) if we get a hyper-inflationary economy (and I think we will) people will buy them as if a gemstone buys X number of loaves of bread, in 6 weeks time it will still buy x number of loaves of bread. The paper in your wallet wont.

Security considerations aside, do you see any pitfalls to my plans?

Anonymous said...

Good ideas here. My suggestion relates to the defense industry. I am looking to import classic guns from South America to the U.S. Please let me know if you are interested in acting as my agent in Argentina.

--Michael Zeleny

Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way. But if you are looking for 'classic arms' to sell here in the US, just start looking at the OBITS.

The 'Greatest Generation' are leaving us in numbers of 1000 a day or more. Almost EVERY ONE of these men have a firearm. LOTS OF THEM have huge collections.

I've been offered numerous collections for pennies on the dollar. What I generally do is direct them to one of my many gunsmithing buddies I went to school with.

They get a fair deal and my buddies get a constant supply of older weapons. PLUS they end up oweing me one.

A win/win all the way around. I retired two years ago, so I rarely do gunsmithing work any more.

Unknown said...

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