Thursday, June 12, 2008

Robbery and Shooting in Martinez : A good example

I wanted to share this with you guys, because I think it’s a good case of how things can go wrong, how not ALL criminals are whimpering jerks that run when you fire your airsoft look-alike, with the red plastic insert in the barrel...
This is the kind of thing that puts into perspective the debates we sometimes see about using less than adequate weaponry, or half serious security habits.

It happened yesterday at 9 PM in a wealthy Buenos Aires neighborhood called Martinez. Mr. Mata ( yes, means” kill” in Spanish) was getting back home in his SUV when 5 armed men intercepted him when he got to his driveway.

A note here: Remember what your good old pal FerFAL says about this? Always have your gun ready when you enter/exit your home!
Take no chances, my friends. Your gun is in your hand as you drive the last block to your house, as you open the garage door(remote control, you never leave the vehicle which can also be used as a weapon and provides some protection), as you enter it, and until you close it completely.
If someone advances towards you, you get ready, if you see a gun anywhere you run them over, or you start shooting, and keep on shooting until they go down, they leave or you run out of ammo.
Take grandpa FerFAL ‘s advice on this and you’ll live longer, or at least you’ll die surrounded by dead enemies! ;-)

Back to poor Mr. Mata.

As the bad guys forced him in his house, his 16 year old daughter that was upstairs at the moment manages to call 911 before the bad guys get her.

As usual, these neighborhoods have private security posts on each corner with a guard. But our 5 professional criminals took care of him a few hours before surprising Mr. Mata, kidnapping the guard.

While the criminals robbed the house a patrol car dropped by because of the 911 call.

Our criminals took another caution: They were all wearing nice suits.

One of the criminals (the band leader) answered the door and pretended to be the home owner. When the cop asked if everything was alright he said yes. He almost fooled the cop, except for one thing. It seems he added “ yes, we are fine, and get out of here, we don’t like “gorras” .

“Gorra”, (“hat” in Spanish) is how criminals refer to cops in slang prison language.
The cop noticed this as a bad sign and alerted other patrol cars, which showed up soon.

When the criminals saw the patrol cars, two escaped through the roofs and three tried to escape through the front door using their own car, with Mr. Mata and his daughter as human shields.

But as they try to get into the car, the 16 year old girl desperately pulls away from her captor that held her by her hair. Probably imagining the fate that awaited her in the hands of these criminals.
The bad guy starts shooting her but misses and she manages to run away behind a patrol car, where a cop quickly puts an armor vest on her and hides her inside a car.

Now, all hell brakes loose. The leader of the band, seeing that the girl escaped, executes Mr. Mata shooting him in the back of the head with a Sistema 45, stolen from a military armory.
They start firing and the cops shoot them down. The other criminals have 9mms, including a Bersa Thunder 9 stolen to a cop some weeks ago.
The criminals fire more than 80 rounds, the spent cases can be found all over the sidewalk along with the blood. At first they thought only 50 rounds where fired, but know we know that more than 100 rounds were fired between cops and criminals.
Two criminals make it to the car but are killed there by the cops, and another one lies on the sidewalk , still clenching in his first a chunk of long blond hair from Mr. Mata’s daughter.

According to interviewed witnesses, Mr. Mata’s son comes out of the house and starts kicking the bloody corpses screaming “You ruined our lives!”.

Neighbors agree that “it sounded like Irak”, and the TV images do those claims justice, cars and the family’s house are full of holes. Mr. Mata’s SUV is drilled with 45 slugs.

They later found out that the criminals had their pockets full of magazines, most still fully loaded. They also had radios.

So people,

Lets see:
1) Not all criminals run like sissies when shooting starts, and counting on that is a VERY poor strategy.
2) You want as much ammo as you can fit in a handgun, and you want it to fire the most powerful caliber you can handle.
3) Counting on “most gunfights only last 3 or 4 rounds” is as mistaken as the wishful thinking in 1)

Sources (sorry Spanish only) ;



Anonymous said...

Mr. Mata - why did this happen to he and his family? A simple robbery? Revenge? Revolutionaries?

But you are correct, for sure, that you must always be prepared for an intruder in your home.

Anonymous said...

Based upon our location, we must adapt to the changing circumstances around us. Most sheeple around us do not have a clue and will go down easy. In addition to what was stated about having a firearm handy, large calibre, and high capacity; it is nice to have a back up for when the primary is dry, in-operative, need to share with a friend, etc.
Lame Wolf

Anonymous said...

Never under estimate your enemies. When living in such conditions, one has to be vigilant, and "yes" paranoid. It's a matter of survival. Considering that these things happen often in Argentina, it still confounds me that people live in such apathy and denial.

As FerFal said, one needs to be in a tactically ready when leaving and entering your abode. It the end, Mr.Mata still got the bullet. It's too bad he couldn't have brought a few down himself before he died.

Ontological Thinker said...

I think this is not just isolated to where that happened.
Many times people have such a false sense of security, which leads them to get in situtations like that.
People think that is paranoia, but it is paranoia that saves.

Stoneknives said...

FerFal thank you for all of your important information. I was in Iran in '78 for the fall of the Shah my wife was in Beruit in '76. I haven't the gift of writing that you have and always recommend your writings to try to get folks to get prepared for the coming storm.

Thanks Again

Anonymous said...

thankyou for reporting to us from the real world. please continue to keep yourself, and yours, well and in safety. here in the magic kingdom they convince us that criminals are mere buffoons and nobody gets hurt. i hope things turn around there soon, but it's more likely to become like argentina in the u.s. before then.

Anonymous said...

Ferfal is absolutely right about being ready for possible hold-ups and worse when entering your house as you drive in.

My uncle who lives in a central american country was held-up with a gun to his head as he was arriving home. They stole his SUV, but escaped unharmed.

the lesson was learned: now he has hired chauffeurs who carry pistols and there is now a sentry at the gate ready for him each evening.

When driving in latin america one must check that one is not being followed. Always Always travel in packs. Also one should phone ahead to your folks to keep an eye out outside to be ready for your arrival.

Secuestro Express is a Venezuelan film that can give you a chilling view of how thives target middle and upper class backgrounds for kidnapping and worse.

here is the link:


Anonymous said...

Don't forget man's best friend. A trained guard dog is worth it's weight in gold. For that matter, even a little yapper can give you a heads-up on any possible perps lurking about. As far as breeds, Airdales are an excellent choice that don't scream 'police dog'!

Anonymous said...

Fefal. Yo vivo en Argentina y soy un "doomer" más, estoy solo y hace ya un tiempo que quiero ubicarte. ¿hay alguna manera de que podamos combinar para que podamos encontrarnos? Yo todos los días voy a Martinez para estudiar ahí.

Te mando un abrazo.

Anonymous said...

por cierto... me olvidé de darte mi correo electrónico.


lacasilladelmario@hotmail.com (msn)


Staying Alive said...

A man had to die for this story to be told. Let it not be in vain. Hopefully more people will get the message and lives will be saved.

I have a 12 gauge shotgun in every room of my house. I don't have a very big house! But I am as ready as I can possibly be at any given moment. Thank you for the message.


Unknown said...


What a senseless crime! Thank you for another informative post.

If you have a chance can you e-mail me? I'm a writer working on a collapse-related project.


Anonymous said...

FerFal, thank you for an informative post.

Is there a chance that you could gather up information as to the types of firearms used in this incident, the type of ammunition, number of bullet hits on the individuals involved and where they were hit? This would in my opinion make it even more of a preparation friendly article...

Again, thank you for your rapports.