Saturday, October 4, 2008

If you are visiting Buenos Aires…

This person that I mentioned in “Beware of the Fear Merchant” is a bit mad at me and has been spamming the blog today under several fake names. I’ve been erasing his junk, I’m sorry people for the inconveniences but that’s the way it is with the internet, unfortunately.

Good things come out of even the most idiotic person and this isn’t the exception, since he reminded me of something I meant to post for some time now.

I’ve only met face to face with one reader that came here to Argentina to visit with the family. Good people from Wisconsin.
He contacted me thanks to James Wesley, Rawles.

We exchanged emails, he asked to meet, and we ended up having a great time in Puerto Madero restaurant, with both our families.

Our wives and kids got along well too, so we invited them home for a small “asado” BBQ a few days later.(sorry Paul, I didn’t have much time for a good Argentine asado with all the bells and whistles :) )

So, if anyone is traveling to Buenos Aires, I’ll be more than glad to meet with him, recommend some places to sight see :). We’ll exchange mails and if things look right we can meet some time in down town Buenos Aires.

Take care people.



foefumm said...

Hi FerFal,

Just wanted to thank you for all the good information you are sharing. Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

You're not running for office so I don't get the "reputation" thing, myself. From a few years of following and discussing things with you on "other boards", I have an idea of what your first name is, that you live in ARG, that things suck, that you know what it's like to try to raise a family in an urban environment that 1. tanked abruptly, 2. tanked *badly* and 3. doesn't show much sign of improving and that you found a way to tell people what you're experiencing and what's worked for you.

So, unless none of that is true, "reputation" sort of isn't relevant.

Best of luck to you and yours. If you make it up to CO in the US, let me know ;).

Anonymous said...

FerFAL wrote:
"Wait a minute, how do you know I’m not running for office?!"
Simple - you seem to have intelligence and common sense so I naturally assumed "this guy's *NEVER* gonna be in politics" :D

Stay safe, bro.

Anonymous said...

odd he admits to JRH at minion but no other forum that Ive found his profile at. Odd to say the least. The link you show goes to a log-in page. Sorry I'm not gonna register to read just one post. Would you like to copy paste it for us that aren't minion members? So we can make an educated decision on if these claims are true or not?

FerFAL said...

Hi Kyle,
If you distrust me enough to think I’m lying about this, you’ll still have to register to see that the link is good and what I repost her is in fact what you'd find in Minion's.

Besides, one thing is finding it out yourself like I did, and another is posting a man’s personal information on the web.

Sorry, but you’ll either have to believe me, or ask him yourself in one of the various forums he posts, under the same nickname. He wont deny his name, since I’ve seen him admit it and his business in public.

What he now wants from me is to take back my opinion about him, which I wont do, since my opinion is my own, and I have every right to it.

Just like he wont take back, not only his opinion ( which he has every right to, just like I do) but the lies he said about me.


Anonymous said...

I know Ferfal and his family. I have visited his home and lived in his city. My observations match his one for one.
His comments regarding the impact of severe economic problems on the people of Argentina are accurate. He has reliably reported on numerous aspects of life in Argentina including crime, poverty within the middle class, severe shortages, a fuel crisis, gun control efforts and corruption. He doesn't have to guess at what can happen-he has lived it. Of all the voices on the survival oriented websides his is the most compelling. It is based on the economic meltdown of an advanced, industrial/agricultural society that he observes from ground zero.
If you haven't been there or lived through a similar crisis in another country you have no right to second guess him or cast aspersions on his critical commentary and vital advice.

Dear Ferfal,

You were absolutely right, we had a great time in Argentina. Buenos Aires was beautiful and we were blessed by meeting you and your family. You took us by Pto. Madero, the dinner was great and your generosity didn't stop there you took us to your home for a great asado on election day.Great experience,. You have accurately described events and conditions in Argentina.

FerFAL said...

Ines! It's SO good to hear from you!
How are you doing?

My wife is expecting for next week or so:)


FerFAL said...

Paul! How are you doing? :)


FerFAL said...

I should apologize for the asado though.
It was not worthy of such fine company.:)
Wish I had more time and prepared a proper asado with “achuras”, but the election day was complicated, I had to vote and Laura had to vote too in a separate district so I didn’t have enough time to prepare it all as I was supposed to.
I'm watching cnn and things dont look very good unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I visited BsAs three times (for a total of 5 months) in the past 5 years mainly for tango, and although prices are certainly increasing I kinda have the feeling that economic situation have gotten better. Maybe that's because I'm a tourist and live in bubble :) Please continue to post your eye-in-the-trench stories.

cracknoodles said...

I just visited BA in Dec 08 and had a wonderful time. I felt very safe but I realize now after reading the account of the last ten years that I was probably insulated in the tourist district.

I had just finished a four month stint on an oceanography vessel and got off in Montevideo. I appreciate the good advice and stumbled upon your blog researching what I think is going to happen in the US.

By the way, what is the security/economic situation in Uruguay. I met a lot of Argentines there. Thanks again.

arkansascajun said...

hey ferfal, you'd be welcome at our place if you ever come. heck i'd be happy to help you re-locate if you want.