Saturday, January 24, 2009

Reply about Bersa handguns.

Someone asked about Bersa pistols, but I can’t seem to find the comment.
Since I answered a PM recently on glocktalk about Bersas as well, thought I’d post the reply about it here too.

Anyway, I really like Bersas and they have worked very well for me so far.

I have a Thunder 22, a model 23 ( also 22LR, older all steel version of the Thunder 22) a 380 Super Thunder (oh man, this gun is sweet and slick :) ) .
They’ve all worked well and are accurate and reliable.

I also own a Bersa Thunder 9mm.

Good gun.
I hated the way it looked and only bought it because it has a lifetime warranty and I wanted a 9mm to beat up and not worry about it.
The Bersa did all that and more. I learned to like the thing.

Its fired thousands of rounds and never had a single problem, even using cheap lead reloads.

Took a class and fired 800 rounds in one day, few weeks later took another and again, no problem.

A guy with a Glock broke a part, another one with a Beretta had issues… the Bersa went along just fine, and so did the other two Bersa 9mm.

Very tough gun, accurate too. The finish is surprisingly good for such a gun. It rained a bit during the class but the gun had no problems, and it’s not as if I cleaned it much after the class. Just cleaned the barrel a bit ( only got the thick gunk out) and rubbed it a bit with an oiled rag.

Get the Bersa 9mm. If you have any sort of problem, know that it is not typical, they are good guns. Send it back and have it replaced or fixed.
Shoot a few hundred rounds and you’ll know you have a gun you can trust.

Take care and good luck with your Bersa.:)



Anonymous said...

As a proud owner of a Bersa Thunder 45 I can vouch for them as well. I use it as my primary conceal carry weapon and totally trust it. I've fired just about everything in it and it eats it all without even a hiccup. Plain, simple, functional, reliable, and accurate ... doesn't get much better than that!

Idaho, USSA

theotherryan said...

I was planning on getting the .380 Thunder but decided to go Glock 19 instead. I do see a Bersa .380 in my future at some point. Haven't seen a Bersa 9mm here.

FerFAL said...

I like Bersas but the Glcok 19 is pretty much perfect, good call Ryan.

Observer, those little 45 sure look good, how accurate are they? How's recoil?


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to import gold into Argentina? Have you ever done it?
Do you have to pay just customs?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell us, in general where argentinians can shoot there weapons?

I believe you shot on a shooting range. Do you need to be a member of the shooting club?

Anonymous said...

Would you recomend anything for someone who wants to emigrate from Europe to Argentina, Ferfal, (I know the idea sounds absilutely crazy)?

If I have a lot of money (which is not the case at the moment), can I expect an easy life in Argentina?

Would you recommend Chile over Argentina?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

In theory would it be possible to see you if one goes visiting Argentina, Ferfal?
I think it would be fun.

Joseph said...

I had a Bersa .380. Every few rounds I fired it, recoil would hit a nerve in the web of my hand that really hurt. Only pistol I have ever fired that has done this. And no, it wasn't a loose grip, it just hit my hand wrong.

theotherryan said...

FerFAL, Thanks that is kinda what I thought. Eventually I will get a Bersa .380 Thunder but it might be a few years.

rushman said...

I think the Bersa's you are buying there must be the good ones. Because up here in the States they mainly seem to be crap. Working part time in a gun shop I can tell you I have seen many that have issues. I am a big believer that you get what you pay for but if you need to stay in that price range Kel-Tek seem to jam less. Don't get me wrong I am still a huge fan of your blog! Keep up the great work!

FerFAL said...

Bringing gold into argentina, customs will charge like 50% if you bring any seriosu amount, maybe more. Not a good idea, better keep it hidden

You shoot at the range, yes. No need to be a member, you can pay per day in som clubs.
All you need is to go along with a Legitimate gun user ( I am) so if anyone comes here we can go shooting.

Chile is better of than Argentina.

If you MUST come to live to Argentina, better to stay in teh most wealthy places of Bs As, yes, you can have cerain luxury here if you have money. You still live ina conflicted coutry with all the issues I adress, but as usual mnoey makes things lok a bit better..

"In theory would it be possible to see you if one goes visiting Argentina, Ferfal?
I think it would be fun."

Of course, if you or anyone else ever visits Bs As, send me a comment ( wont post it if you ask so) and we'll go grab some coffe.:)
Rushamn, dont worry man, I dont work for Bersa.
Iv'e seen peopel (few) that had problems, but after Bersa fixed it they were happy with it.
I tell you, I currently own 4, shoot most of them a lot, ( excpet teh 380) and dont have problems.
Just my experience.
Taurus is more expensive and I'd rahter have a BErsa any day of the week. Again, that's just me.


Anonymous said...

That was me and it was in response to your daily carry gear article.
I appreciate the time you're putting in on the site. We just apparently got a new constitution up here... oh goody... more days of rioting and no chicken, whether sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but gotta ask...if one goes to they have, on offer, a "Ranger" .38 special revolver that is apparently made in Argentina, and cheap compared to everything else this Peruvian arms store sells, like $185 or so in US dollars as compared to a Taurus PT58 for nearly $900 US. What do you know of the Ranger (once sold in the States as the Armsport 4540, I think) and are they any good?

The R Man

Anonymous said...

I have a Bersa Ultracompact Thunder 9mm. Has a 3.5 inch barrel and 10 round magazine. It's as accurate as any pistol I've shot with a 3.5 barrel. Never had a jam with a 500+ rounds. Great pistol for the money - you cannot go wrong in my opinion. Well made.

FerFAL said...

Stay away from those "Ranger" revolvers.
The only revolver made in Argentina that isn't 100% junk are those made by Rexio.
Other than that, junk.


Anonymous said...

Ah, thank you, sir! I think I've seen Rexios for sale, but never really gave either those or the Armsport/Ranger models a second glance as old Ruger Speed-Six/Security-Six models can be had used for reasonable prices now and again in these parts.

The R Man

Anonymous said...

Living in the USA but am not going to be able to go the gun route for self defense. My wife has a huge problem with them after having watched as her grandfather put one in his mouth and pulled the trigger when she was eight years of age. What other means of self defense would you go with? We have some OC spray. Knives? Intense martial arts?

Anonymous said...

I've got a bersa .380 in the states. Great little gun. I've only run about 300 rounds through it, but it hasn't jammed on me yet. Pretty accurate, too.

Pete said...

Hey ferfal I have a question was having a conversation with a good friend and taking about the new us president and his anti gun stance. We were talking about consolidating calibers, as one of the many rumors, is ammo will be taxed at about 300 %. I was thinking a glock 17 for myself and a 19 for the misses, and just buy the 17 mags. Then maybe after the summer trying to get her a keltec sub 2000 with the glock mag configuration, so she has primary and a semi long gun accurate out to 100 yards, and I have the ar for anything else. When you said you were at your class you mentioned that after 800 rounds the glock had issues what were they. Thank you for your time.

Canis Lupus said...

What about the Bersa Thunder 32, is it as good as the other calibers ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Fernando,
Bought my wife the Bersa Thunder high capacity .380 a few weeks ago. Got her out to the range this past weekend and her only comment? I LOVE THIS GUN! Told her I might have to get one of my own.