Monday, September 5, 2011

EDC gear, Survival Mindset and Commitment



Bill N. said...

I live in Arizona where we just had 33 days with temperatures over 110 degrees Farenheit. T-shirts and shorts are often the uniform of the day. There are some places that prohibit weapons such as the Post Office and college campuses and a sidearm must absolutely positively stay concealed or you will be spending time in jail where you definitely won't be able to carry a pistol. Given a chose I prefer a Glock 23, but sometimes the chose is either go unarmed or carry a mouse gun/s.

Maldek said...

Hi FerFal!

Great video you made there!
In the first part when you describe what happened to your friend, you did mention his greatest mistake was to not have a gun with him.

See thats where the mini guns come into play. You are 100% correct that a high capacity, full seize gun is stronger but often we have to face reality.

In reality the question may come up: Small, tiny, does not print on my T-shirt versus "stays at home/car".

When my house got robbed recently, all my long arms were stolen. The 9mm was not with the other guns so I still have it. But when I did enter my house (unaware at this time it had been broken into) I did so without the gun.

I bothers me to think what would have happened if I had returned sooner with the bad guy(s) still inside and them using my own weapons against me.

My conclusion is that I will buy a mini gun, because chances are it will stay on my person more often and sit in the car much less, thus increasing my chances to actualy have it when I do need it.

I would love to hear your thoughts on that guys.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the "get out of jail" card: when the US dollar collapses, we won't be able to use a "Benjamin" (Franklin) as a calling card or minor bribe for a corrupt law enforcement officer. What do you think will replace the USD $100 bill? Two ounces of silver in the wallet? That's almost $100 currently. Or is a small (1/10 oz) gold coin better (and lighter)?

Let's face it. When the US dollar tanks, there are no other paper "fiat" monies that will be worth anything - so we may have to carry a precious metal instead of the $100 bill.

Do you agree or have a different suggestion? I'm not seeing the Euro any better, and the Swiss just pegged to the Euro. There are no safe haven paper currencies left.

FerFAL said...

I think the small gold coin is a good idea. One or two can be hidden in the wallet or sew in your jacket.

Anonymous said...


It there something wrong with the video because when I go on your site, I am unable to see it, stating "missing plug in." I was able to play the video before, but now when I go back to the site, the video section is totally black and unable to play video. Are you able to fix this? If so, please do, I really enjoy your videos. Thanks

prepster411 said...

Ferfal, I'm so sorry about your friend. Lo siento muchisimo. That makes me very sad.

Keep up the good work.

Canis Lupus said...

France sucks, because you're not allowed to have a locking blade in your pocket, even our iconic Opinel !!!
No pepper spray, no telescopic baton, nothing. Low profile is the best weapon here.

But then there's what's allowed, and there's what you do... We've got to make a choice sometimes.

Stay safe !