Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Occupy Movement: The US version of the “Piquetero” socialist movement of 2002 in Argentina.


I was reading through the news this morning and came across this article ( ) .  The part that stood out to me was the mention of the lawyers for the ‘occupiers’ using a squatters rights argument to allow them to continue staying in the park.  I was reminded of the article you wrote some months back about the growth of slums and how they took on a life of their own.  It seems the occupy protesters may be working toward the same end with a similar negative effect to surrounding business and neighborhoods.

Hi G, yes I’m familiar with the Occupy movement. I saw it on the news during my stay in Salt Lake City, and it did in fact bring some memories.

When banks closed in Argentina in 2001 stealing people’s money, people with savings and bank accounts took the streets and protested. These were people with jobs, with USD savings they had done sacrifices to build and the banks just took them for themselves converting them to pesos at a 75% loss. The Occupy movement is not that kind of people. What the Occupy movement reminds me of is the worst of society that came along after the collapse, the piqueteros and other “social” movements and groups. In this case the Occupy movement is the same thing only adapted to the American idiosyncrasy. The “piquetero” movement was a reflection of the violent times we were living in: blocking roads, attacking people, looting, stealing. Many of these groups evolved into the different socially accepted political movements and groups that aligned well with the official welfare state policy.

In spite of the little differences those groups and the Occupy movement are the same thing. It’s this socialist, lefty kind of cool liberal BS abortion of nature that glorifies simbols of socialism and communism and demands redistribution. They supposedly represent the mass (the 99%) and rise against the evil 1%ers, yet knowingly or not becoming these useful idiots that end up feeding and benefiting the same structures that they are supposed to raise against. Please wake up people. During my time in Salt Lake City I wasn’t surprised to see Naomi Klein just thrilled about these movements. This woman is a communist, author of the Shock Doctrine (anti-capitalist literature) and The Take (anti-capitalist documentary based on the takeovers of companies in Argentina). That’s the true nature of the Occupy movement and trust me, its not the answer, but the way in which USA will go down to 3rd world conditions it may never recover from.

Like Cristina and Nestor Kirchner did at their time, Obama is also siding with these social (or shall we call them what they are) political movements. Obama is being just as grotesque about it as the Kirchner´s where, saying it plain and simple, “we are on their side”.
just in case anyone had any shadow of a doubt.
Folks, it´s sad and helpless, like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Politically and social this is the exact same thing we saw in Argentina. This neo-communist garbage being vomited by bums, welfare leaches, and so called intellectual alike, being promoted everywhere from work environments to universities, and just like we saw in Argentina, it all has the seal of approval of the president and staff.

Along with these useful fools, honest Americans may fall for it as well. Betrayed, overtaxed, they may feel this is the way to go, the way to get back at Wall Street and the banksters that keep getting rich on their behalf. Simply stop for a second and ask yourself. Why is the person that got placed in the presidential office by these same evil 1% supporting the groups that appear to rise against them? Because they dont!

Guess who will benefit the most from this redistribution, this increase in taxes, ruined economy, poor working conditions and neo-communist working environment? Who benefits from the destruction of the middle class, practically converted into modern slavery? Yes, that same group of bankers.
I was talking with Dave Duffy and John Silveira from Backwoods Home Magazine ( I remember, I still owe you guys an article and books!!) and at one point I told him “Communism is the most brutal form of capitalism. Just think about it, monopoly on everything, the population reduced to working for the minimum required to sustain their lives while taking advantage of nearly 100% of their production value”. John liked that quote a lot. If you think about it that’s the way it is, that’s the way in which these corporations that rule our lives benefit the most.

In the new globalized world, nothing would make our true rulers happier than seeing the entire world submerged into this neo liberal commie loving socialist intellectualoid freak of nature.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a quick dismissal of a movement thousands of miles from you, populated by people you haven't met, and who haven't yet generated a formal agenda. I just went to an OWS local meeting tonite. Yes, some of them are progressives, if by progressive is what you would call people who have been disenfranchised by wealthy bankers and want to take their gov't back from two corrupt political parties. The people here, older than many OWSers, were in the civil rights movement and 60's antiwar movement...they got rights for black folks and ended the War.

I don't know what their actual agenda will be but if they sit in offices of 535 Congressman until they stop taking lobbyist money, maybe they will accomplish something. Like my generation, those kids are putting their necks on the line for justice.

Ridicule them if you like but dismiss them at your peril, though you aren't in this country.


Anonymous said...

“Communism is the most brutal form of Capitalism”

What a brilliant thought. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow that argument. It’s too bad you are moving to Ireland, we could really use you in the USA.

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FerFAL said...

I dont ridicule them Steve. I´m worried that Americans are starting to think this way instead of aligning with the Tea Party movement. I'm telling you this which seems like the people's voice is actually socialism spreading in your country, ruining the middle class and getting the big fish only richer while this redistribution and supposed equity assures that no one sticks out. This movement so many people seem to like is actually the end of the American dream, and I’ve seen this movie before, I know how it ends. Obama is already speaking like Cristina Kirchner, it gives me goose bumps.

Anonymous said...

Entitled attitudes are the worst. You don't have to redistribute wealth, you just have to stop the hand that feeds the rich.

Ferfal, as a favor to Americans mention Ron Paul every now and then :). The tea party isn't going to fix America.
He's beating the dead horse that we've beat on but it's a great discussion anyway. Your readers deserve the best.
May God keep your family safe!

David said...

Fernando, communication is impossible if the meaning of words is not consistent. The notion that communism is a form of capitalism is just the sort of newspeak redefinition that confuses people.

Bill Bonner did a nice job of discussing a related view here:

Capitalism is an ideal system that involves free entry into markets and private ownership of property. The fact that capitalists, once successful, repudiate capitalism by seeking the fist of the state to make permanent their high position does not reflect on the capitalism on which they turned their backs. You haven't known capitalism in Argentina for a very long time. Capitalism in the USA is all but gone, too. As Bonner notes, capitalism is hard work and uncertain. People prefer the illusion of socialism/communism/facsism's promise of free lunches and fantasy of reduced uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

Americans are not embracing the OWS movement. Occupiers have pooped in the street, raped each other, and now shot at the White House.

They are far more popular with the media than they are with the average American.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the post was a dismissal of OWS crowd, but rather an exposure to what they really are about.

I have met and spoken with the OWS protestors and found that they had a very shallow understanding of their cause. More of a soundbite and slogan type of understanding.

OWS is not even close to the Civil Rights movement, no matter how many times it is repeated.

Go talk to some of the protestors with an open and educated mind, they were found to be wanting.

Anonymous said...

So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.

Mike Messina said...

Despite "Steve" and his sympathetic pro-occupy speech; you have absolutely struck the nail on the head.

What we are seeing is the same tired reiteration of populist uprising for 'social democracy' which will only end up with more oppression, theft, and murder if it is successful. It's exactly like the mexican revolution. And Argentina. And countless other countries which have fallen prey to it's depredations.

I applaud you for your forthrightness Ferfal and appreciate your uniquely educated perspective on it (despite being 'thousands of miles away'). Just because some grad student who chose to post anonymously thinks he has a clue (see, I can make assumptions too steve) lives closer to the issue doesn't make him/her any more educated on it. In fact, hindsight is 20/20 and guess what Ferfal is using? That's why we come here, after all.

Anonymous said...

FERFAL! Regarding OWS, Ron Paul, and my last comment (fast forward to 6:59):
"When there are rich people out there that are being resented, when they got it off the taxpayers, when they got bailed out and get special contracts... You don't just raise taxes on them; you just deny them access to our treasury, you deny easy credit for them, you don't bail them out. And I think that type of resentment is justified... unfortunately, because people don't quite understand it they see some people benefiting unfairly and they say, "Oh they're benefiting unfairly- let's raise taxes on the rich!" but then you punish the people who are productive. So I think we have to have a better attitude, a better understanding of what government's role should be and it certainly shouldn't be bailing out everybody and serving the special interests."

You don't have to redistribute wealth, just don't play favorites! Value and wealth visits good work. It's what You, I, and Mr. Paul are saying!

Anonymous said...

U.S. citizens have not been overtaxed. If any, they've been benefiting from tax cuts and deregulation. That's why their economy is based heavily on consumer spending and they're deep in debt.

Communism is not the same as capitalism. What you're referring to is state capitalism.

What these movements want isn't state capitalism but regulation, if not lower oil and food prices.

Most are not aware that the "occupy" movement likely began not in the U.S. but in Spain, if not in countries like Egypt. The main drivers are chronic unemployment and high food and oil prices. And if oil and food prices do not go down in the long run, then these social unrests, which are now taking place worldwide, may intensify.

Anonymous said...

I read this blog because I value your hard won perspectives, Ferfal. I can only hope you are wrong about the OWS folks. I don't want Piqueteros here.

People know they have been !@@ed but they don't know who to blame. The 20-somethings, unfortunately, ..well, education has not been their strong suit. We Boomers have ben there and are not dumb. Yes, it's been a self-oriented generation but they've also accomplished some worthy goals. The Tea Party folks are, statistically, Republicans funded by people like the Kochs, who would subvert democracy however they can, to their own ends.

As for the the future..none of knows the future.


Anonymous said...

Steve, you are the very definition of Stalin's "useful idiot".

Anonymous said...

One calls that an ad hominem argument, perhaps. A non-rebuttal to facts, a statement that greatly improves discourse.(ng)