Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Condor Knives: Kumunga Knife

Condor has been manufacturing tools and knives since 1787. Located in El Salvador, Condor focused on no-nonsense hard use tools such as machetes. Recently they’ve expanded their line to include some very interesting designs. These are pretty good deals because you can get some solid performing blades for a reasonable rice.
In the first video I show the 10 inch blade Kumunga knife.

Condor Tool and Knife Kumunga Camp Knife 10.25 Blade, Polypropylene Handle, Leather Sheath
In the second video I go through the Condor catalog talking about some of their knives.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like an interesting knife, it reminds me of the Mora C-223 knife, another fine blade. Sometimes, a big a$$ knife does a fine job as 'only one'.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in your review of a Colombian brand, the incolma---specifically the Rambo.