Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino

Owning many dogs over the years, I had never heard of a Dogo until reading your book. On a whim I answered a Craigslist ad for adoption. I had a very elderly Wiemer and was looking to soften the family blow when he went down. After a long talk, with the woman describing the dog in detail, she then said there is just one catch, while the dog is fully trained, he is deaf. I told her thats ok, I would still like to meet him. Long story short we gave the dog a try even with the disability. I have to tell you, he is the most awesome creature I have ever owned. Smart, funny, extremely loving, incredibly loyal and I just dare anyone, deaf dog or not, to come into this house uninvited. Within 5 or 10 minutes he knows someone is on the premises through smell. The surprise for the intruder may be slightly delayed, but the none the less deadly. Thanks for the recommendation of an incredible animal. Oh, and the fee for adopting a AKC Canine Good Dog fully trained (sign language) Dogo? $100.00. If a hearing Dogo is 1/5 what this deaf dog is the breed is worth every penny a breeder asks.


Congratulations and thanks for giving that Dogo a second chance!

Indeed, only Dogo Argentino owners know what its like to have one. People tend to think its hype, that people are just fans of whatever dog they own, or that its just too good to be true. You read on line about this or that dog being great for guard duty, protection or whatever, then most of them turn out to be pretty much the same, with huge variations in character depending on each specific dog. 

I was talking online with a guy not that long ago about dogs, and he said that if the Dogo Argentino was that great every police agency and military unit would use it instead of using Malinois and German Shepherds. I explained that its still a very new breed of dog when looking at the big picture, and besides, its not the easiest dog to train. Still, I find it outstanding for what I want, especially as a dog with unbelievable family protection instincts while still having a cool temper, loving but not needy and capable to tearing apart and dog or person you put in front of it.  I had an excellent German Shepherd once, fancy German bloodline (expensive!), an outstanding dog on its own right, but I still prefer the Dogo Argentino.

People that don’t know the breed or how it was created think its just a big white dog, another one of many.  Most people, including dog experts, cant even identify it most of the time and confuse it with something else.
If you have the space, time, previous big dog experience and personality so as to handle it, the Dogo Argentino is in my opinion the best dog you can have as a family protection/hunting/companion dog.


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Debster said...

We had a male Dogo for a little over a year. He was hit by a car less than a month ago and died. He was the best dog I have ever known. My family was completely devastated. We are the process of acquiring 2 puppies, a male and a female. Everything you have ever said about the breed is true. They are incredible animals. He had been on one pig hunt and done amazingly well and was an incredible family dog. He was very protective especially of the children. I have had other breeds in my lifetime but There is not a finer dog that I have ever known.