Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gold for a Loaf of Bread

Someone emailed me this video about loafs of bead and other food being bought directly with the gold procured that same day. A loaf of bread ends up costing 0.1 grams of gold, which would be about 5 UsD. Given that the gold isn’t pure and just panned from the river it could be less than that.
 The video from Zimbabwe is a few years old but still goes to show the value given to gold in modern times. Keep in mind that the Zimbabwe dollar is worthless, as the video shows just good for using it as an envelope to keep the precious gold.



Kuffar said...

Mugabe and the black power government have done wonders for this country. Rhodesia was the most prosperous country in Africa next to South Africa. The blacks have killed and runout almost all of the white farmers that provided jobs and food for this country. You reap what you sew. The stupid bastards who applauded this in the US have simular plans.

Dan said...

That's a heartbreaking video.
What makes it worse is that there is no chance of improvement with the current situation. If people have to work all day just to scrounge enough to feed themselves for that one day, they don't have enough time/energy to develop any other marketable skills/services.