Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mini EDC First Aid Kit

A small first aid kit is one of the most useful and important parts of any reasonable every day carry kit.
For minor cuts and such, you don’t need much more than a few bandaids some gauze and tape. In general, the small cheap mini first aid kits are a good starter point. Johnson & Johnson First aid to Go costs a bit over 2 USD, and the case is compact but solid with some extra space.
What I suggest is getting one of these and adding a bit more so as to turn it into a more well-rounded kit. Include a couple more alcohol swabs, some ibuprofen, aspirin and diarrhea pills. 


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Anonymous said...

A few hay-fever and motion-sickness pills have been very useful additions for me, especially with little kids. Also add a couple of antacids. And while caffeine pills are no substitute for proper rest they're better than just trying to "will" yourself to stay awake at the wheel.