Thursday, June 25, 2015

Russian Conflict: USA sends tanks and armor to Europe

U.S. is sending tanks, Bradley armored fighting vehicles and self-propelled howitzers to its allies in Central and Eastern Europe.
U.S. soldiers fire ceremonial rounds from M1A2 Abrams tanks at the Adazi training area, in Latvia, last November.
 It will include 90 tanks, 140 armored vehicles and 20 pieces of heavy artillery. Enough equipment to arm an entire brigade will be positioned in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland.
Dragoons assigned to Head Hunter Troop, 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment load their Strykers and equipment onto a local railway as they prepare for their upcoming rotation in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve at Rose Barracks, Germany, March 11, 2015.
This is a clear response to Putin’s actions in Eastern Ukraine and a show of support for its NATO allies. U.S. had this same amount of armor stationed in West Germany during the Cold War, making it more of a symbolic move than a strategic one.
At this point, it could all end in sabre-rattling but with this kind of escalation there is always the possibility of more serious conflict erupting.
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Anonymous said...

It would be a "more serious conflict" if Russia was to do to one of those Eastern European countries what it is doing to the Ukraine. The point it to prevent that kind of "serious conflict". Russia understands and respects strength and exploits weakness.

Игорь Сидоров said...

I don't think it's a good idea. At first, who will attack Baltic states in a sane mind?
At second, six of this machines this can deal with all that tanks in a minutes.

Anonymous said...

Understand it isn't about "dealing with the tanks". The tanks and the personal are there to make an agressor understand that killing that many of the NATO troops couldn't be acceptable or forgiven. An attack on NATO that substantial would probably result in a very serious response that could include nuclear weapons. This is a significant difference from killing a few Ukrainian soldiers because the Ukraine doesn't have a substantial force to back them up. NATO does...