Monday, September 28, 2015

Cord End Whistle

I really like the whistle in the video but didn't catch the name.
Can't seem to find it online.

I get asked often about those. It’s called a Cord End Whistle.
Not many people keep a whistle as part of their EDC but it is pretty much Disaster & Emergency Preparedness 101. A whistle is much better than just shouting for help. It’s particularly useful for signalling outdoors but I also believe it has a place for signalling in urban scenarios, such as caught under rubble after a structure collapses, caught in a broken elevator, lost in subway tunnels or dragged by the current during floods.
It’s just good practice to keep one handy. Some people like having bigger ones around the neck or in their keychains, I like to keep it with my flashlight, sort of a signalling combo both audible and visual.


These small Cord End Whistles are the ones I use. They aren’t perfect but they are loud enough. They sell them in bulk and it takes a bit of practice putting them together. I’ll try doing a video showing how it’s done. Once you put together a couple it’s easy enough. If using 550 paracord you have to remove the inner strands in the end that goes into the whistle. Melting it a bit with a lighter and quickly pressing it where it goes in the whistle makes for a near perfect fit.
Take care and good luck!

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