Thursday, February 11, 2016

Reply: WROL? You better know your Local Laws

Hey amigo. I haven’t heard from you for some time. Good to know you’re still out there writing excellent, realistic articles like this one. I think in any Argentina-like inflationary situation cash, especially in the form of gold and silver, would rule.
I agree with you that WROL is unlikely to occur (failing a truly catastrophic event that shatters all infrastructure). The U.S. government and most State governments have “continuity of government” plans to insure their survival and ability to remain in power. They even have plans for dealing with such horrifying events as a massive or nuclear EMP. Note that I don’t claim their plans will be effective but they do exist. So a total collapse of police or fire protection, or medical services is unlikely–though a severe decline in or corruption of such services is possible.
About shooting looters or home invaders. In most States, killing someone is deemed justified if you feel like your life (or that of a family member, etc.) is threatened. Colorado has a “Make My Day” law that allows a person to use deadly force to defend their home and that has been held to apply to “on their property” not just “inside the house.” The law you cited is that “Make My Day” law and anyone who kills someone under paragraph 2 of that law is immune from prosecution (paragraph 3) or from civil liability (paragraph 4).
Still, not all States have such laws, so it is wise to know the laws of the State in which you reside.
I have enjoyed reading your books and found them very informative. My own are fictional and envision a total societal collapse caused by a massive asteroid impact. If you haven’t got around to reading them yet I’d love for you to click on my website link and check them out.
Hello Ray,
That’s why its so important to know not only exactly what the law says, but also what it means. For this last part most folks will need to have a conversation with a lawyer or attend a shooting class which includes legal advice.
Fearing for ones life for example, means there has to be a believable threat. This usually does not include shooting people in the back while moving away, especially when outside private property. This is why it’s a VERY bad idea to chase criminals. Its practically impossible to claim self-defense when the criminals are traveling away from you while you chase them.
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