Monday, October 31, 2016

Thoughts regarding the Presidential Election

Politics and Religion.
The golden rule of blogging says you’re never supposed to talk about those two if you want your readers/viewers  to like you.
Well, I’m not the kind of person that worries about being liked. I’m the kind that worries about the well-being of my readers and sometimes that includes tough topics, topics in which we may not agree on or be forced to look at uncomfortable truths. Still, this is an important … no, an ESSENTIAL part of modern survivalism and the mindset that goes along with it. The ability to understand the agenda of politicians, the different media outlets, some more obvious than others, the ability to understand were your bests interest lies.
I was asked about my opinion regarding the US elections. Keep in mind these videos are just that, my opinion. Also keep in mind the following: that if you think I’m stupid/misinform/Hillary killed my dog or Trump spit on my Lucky Charms this morning, you’re wrong.  It’s not personal. Its political analysis, some of which you probably haven’t considered before.
I’m not trying to change anyone’s vote here. If anything, it would be nice to see less verbal violence, more communication and tolerance among yourselves. These elections are ripping the American society apart like no other election in recent history. Friends, even families are fighting or even not talking to one another because of different political ideology. Its destructive, poisonous behaviour that I’ve seen how it leads to decades of social conflict and division.
With that being said, here’s what I think. Of course, YMMV, and you know what? That’s just fine brother.

Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


Unknown said...

With all due respect Fernando, Gary Johnson has NO chance in the election. Hillary is a known criminal and if elected will be impeached within 2 years of her presidency. If she is not impeached, we will see the beginnings of a civil war in this country. Trump is a bombastic narcissist, but I believe he has the best interests of this country in his heart. The alternative will Hillary appointing maybe 5 supreme court justices that cement the culture of cronyism and corruption in this country and the US will be the rival of countries like Argentina in terms of corruption. The US will be poorer, less safe, less secure, and open to the same types of violence seen in tribal Africa. I am voting for Trump.

Anonymous said...

It's very well documented that Trump blazed the path that converted NYC in all corners from a cesspool to a jewel. In opposition to the worst rogue politicians and rogue businessmen on earth. And has stretched it around the world. I love to see all this fighting. We can separate the weeds from the important flowers and have something extraordinary. We see many people even born in the USA thinking it's an option to sell their soul for achieving their selfish destructive desires. He will end that. We will have law and order here and opulence. The extreme vetting will also weed out those that want to immigrate here with selling their soul motives. This is a rare great leader. With extraordinary prowess. Stands tall among gentlemen and rogues equally like a lion.Go to his issues pages on his website and cut and paste anything you're sure he's only talking and will never deliver. This should be easy for you since you are so expert having seen beforehand all this in Argentina. He's already proved with hurricane force that saying he's just like everyone else, is nonsense.

Rough Carrigan said...

With all due respect, Ferfal, Donald Trump was not the guy pre-selected for the American populace. That pre-selected choice was supposed to be Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton. And the unanimity of hate for Trump by the U.S. media has to be experienced to be believed. It has never been anything like this before. Never. It was nothing like this for Bush or McCain or Romney.

Yes, the blue team supporting 90% of the U.S. media was slanted against them but nothing like the way they are against Trump. And Fox was solidly on the side of those three. Fox has had hosts such as Megyn Kelly actively working against Trump and they've presented polls that were comically slanted toward Hillary Clinton.

The establishment of the republican party, the Bush family, Speaker of the House of representatives Paul Ryan and others have actively worked against Trump. The whole dirty word locker room talk tape was known of by Paul Ryan and others weeks before it was publicized and they said nothing to Trump's campaign about it.

There may be some good actors in the U.S. political and media establishment but they're not all academy award winners. They hate Trump and it's not an act. He's crude and a jerk but he's not part of the game and no one who isn't part of the game is supposed to get on top of the game because he might "mistakenly" do some common sense things. Trump has openly spoken against "globalism" in speeches. The people who would have enough power and money to possibly decide who would represent the dems or the reps would *never* let one of their puppets speak against globalism. Never.

As Michael Moore says in the video below these, a lot of people who've lost their jobs and been laid off have figured out that Trump is the enemy of the people who have hurt them.

Rough Carrigan said...

With all due respect, Fernando. I think you're completely wrong in suggesting that Trump is just controlled opposition. You have to have been here these last several months to understand how astonishingly much the U.S. media hates Trump.

Oh, in the past, with Bush, McCain and Romney, the media were slanted against the republican nominee. That was always the case. But it's a whole order of magnitude worse than that. For starters, they hate that he used a bit of clever ju-jitsu and turned their usual screeching for someone to withdraw from public life because of a real or imagined transgression against political correctness against them. While spending only a tiny fraction of what Jeb Bush spent, Trump was able to get free publicity from an adversarial media and turn it to his advantage. He played them. But for these last 6+ months there is almost literally nothing that he could say in any interview or campaign stop, no statement bland or wholesome enough that it would not be twisted into some bizarre accusation against him. The U.S. media has never been close to this adversarial toward any candidate for president. And it's not only the team blue supporting media. Even Fox news has had hosts, Megyn Kelly most prominently, who actively promoted feuds against Trump.

Thanks to Wikileaks, we find out that, behind the scenes, virtually the entire U.S. media, with the exception of Fox, is colluding and conspiring with the Clinton campaign. There are some good actors in the american political and media establishment but they're not all academy award winners. They hate Trump. Even the establishment of his own party, guys like the Bushes and John Kasich and Paul Ryan work against him not with him. That wouldn't happen if he was some sort of controlled opposition.

Jeb Bush was supposed to be the republican candidate. Not Trump. Everyone knew that the U.S. establishment wanted Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton. And the people who could decide who would represent the to parties would never allow a puppet to give speeches decrying "globalism" and its ill effects on the U.S. economy as Trump has. Never.

As Michael Moore says in the video below, people in the U.S. who've had their jobs taken by offshoring or downsizing realize that Trump is the enemy of their enemy.

sw said...

Thank you for having the courage to say what needed to be said! You reminded me of some important things I had heard before but had tried in vain hope to forget about Trump. Especially now with the media turning on Hillary, it seems you (and Brandon Smith) are right about both candidates being for the elites. Trump will win, but I will vote my conscience for the American Solidarity Party. Thank you for showing how it is not a wasted vote.

sw said...


Remember that Trump has given over 100k to the Clinton Foundation, and there are recordings of him praising her and the job she does. The new Trump does not talk like the old one. Also, Trump has openly admitted how he has bribed politicians for favors. How could he not be corrupt? He always has and always will serve his own interests.

Finally, FerFal never said he thinks Johnson can win (and he won't), however, it is still not a wasted vote because voting third party gives a message that you are not fooled into voting between to corrupt people.

Shane and Michelle said...

Fernando, this is Michelle. I just checked in to your blog to see if you responded to my question. Thank you so much for making this video! I will share it with my friends on social media. I asked YOU this question in particular because you have real knowledge and understanding of what's going because you've been through this already. The answer you have proposed is the same answer I have felt in my heart and it is right on point. ���� Again thank you!!

mikec said...

Yes, Zed pretty much sums it up. As a conservative, let me say that it's too bad that Hillery and Donald can't both lose. As Zed alludes to, the main thing going for Trump is that he doen't have distain for Americans. And in "Americans" I think he includes homosextuals, blacks, poor, rich, singles, hispanics, married, fools, homeless, etc. He clearly doen't care about dividing and setting people against one another. I do think that he hates arrogent and unintelligent politians and media people, in which he is joined by many. And he, most importantly, as discussed about politians in Argentina in your video, he is not corrupt. He likes to make money, of course. Yes, he closely reads contracts and takes advantage of "smart" people who don't. This shows intelligence, which is of course an overrated virtue, but compared to dummy Hillary, it's important. The only mistake in Ferfal,s thinking is believing that there is some overiding entitiy "controlling" politians. Obamas treasury Dept was like a division of Goldman Sacs, but they didn't control him. The Pol's need these financial people to explain the financial world to them. Obama is on his own course, set by his worldview developed and not changed from the 70's. Good blog. Keep up the good work and I'm sorry that you couldn't migrate into the US.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a total fraud and has NO ONE'S interests at heart aside from his own. Don't be a witless stooge, he's a con artist.