Friday, December 16, 2016

Cheap and Great Results: Red Lithium Grease for Guns

Next time you’re in Walmart, remember This:  High Temp Lithium grease. Its costs just a few bucks for a lifetime supply of the stuff. In Amazon you can get a pound of it for just under eight bucks.
High temp Red lithium grease is intended for vehicles and other high temperature, metal on metal friction.
What’s wrong with gun oil? Nothing really. It just doesn’t last nearly as long. After over a decade of using it I can say that grease just stays around more, doesn’t dry away nearly as fast. You simply see it where you last placed it in the gun after weeks of use, while oil just seems to go away after a couple trips to the range. Not very scientific but that’s my impression.
One final tip though: don’t overdo it. As cheap as it may be a very small amount of it goes a VERY long way. Just a pinch on the rails and other contact areas, heck use a tooth pick for good measure. If you overdo it you end up with a greasy mess which may even attract unwanted dirt in dry, sandy climates.
Other than that, it’s what I’ve been using mostly for keeping my guns lubbed and I’m happy enough with it to recommend it to you folks.
Have a great weekend!
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”.


B said...

Great idea if the climate never goes below 40 degrees F (4 C).

After that, you'll find that the grease starts to slow the slide down a LOT as it becomes much more viscous.

Colder than that, and you may have real functional issues.

Gun oil is much lighter and works better in some applications.

Bad advice for a lot of people though.

Remember, not everyone lives where you do.

Mike Yukon said...

I use my own lubricant and have for many years. It's a mixture of graphite and alcohol. When applied and the alcohol evaporates all that's left is a film of graphite. Dirt and dust don't stick to it and it's totally unaffected by severe cold or severe heat.
If you want to know the formula let me know.

andrewwest2003 said...

DriSlide is a near miracle lube for weapons. It is a very fine molybdenum disulphide powder carried in an evaporating solvent. It brushes on easily, dries fairly quickly, and does not collect dust, dirt or grime. It works in desert heat, and I've it used on semi autos at -28F. Here is a link: Gratuitous plug, yes, but I do not work for them.