Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Glock 17: The Best gun for Preppers and Survivalists

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Mongo said...

Fernando.... agree absolutely. Mine is a Glock 19 for evening purposes, a Glock 26 for everyday carry. Even have a G17 Airsoft for squirrel harassment around my bird feeders. Why Glock? Do I have a choice? I would say so with 3 1911s 4 SW revolvers and various and sundry 9s, 45s, 380s, 38s, 44 magnums, etc.

My G19 was my first handgun and after at least 5,000 rounds (4500 since I started counting, plus earlier) it still rocks. I changed the recoil spring once, years ago, and I will probably never change it in the future. No failures except one FTF with an off brand magazine (which I gave away that day). Rock solid. I carry one and my wife carries a G19 when she has her large purse. I always advise newbies to go G19 .... WITH A HOLSTER, ALWAYS.