Monday, February 19, 2018

5 Best Small Knives for Survival & Self-defense?

Hi Fernando!
I found your website a couple of days ago, but I already like it very
much. I also signed up on your youtube channel, but I have a question
I hope you will be able to answer. I live in Hungary, where the legal
size of a knife is if the blade and the cutting edge is maximum 8 cm
long unless you can prove it you need longer knife, like fishing,
hunting, hiking. I am looking for a fixed blade knife for EDC,
defence, and survival.
Thank you for help!

Hello Attila.
You have some good options even with an 8cm blade limit.
These are the knives that by far I recommend the most:

CRKT Minimalist $25.44
Neck knives are surprisingly handy and this is one of the best options. The grip allows for good control and retention. This is a knife that is well suited for everyday utility tasks and you could use it for defense as well.
KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Straight Edge Knife
Kbar TDI $36.36
This is one of the best defensive use knives within your blade length limitations. It is surprisingly devastating in spite of the short blade length. It allows great blade retention and the angle of the blade allows you to stab with basic punching strikes. This isn’t as practical as a utility knife although it could be used of course for cutting, but it is clearly intended for a defensive role.
Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Blade Combination Edge Knife, Black
 Spyderco Delica 4 $84.47
The Delica 4 has a 7.3cm (2.87")  blade, well within your maximum allowed blade length.
I know you said fixed blade but in my experience people eventually get tired of fixed blades and start leaving them behind. A small folder in your pocket when you need it is infinitely better than the fixed blade knife you left home.
The Spyderco Delica4 is very well made, uses quality VG10 steel, its surprisingly tough for its size and often chosen by experts that want or need a minimalist folding knife. The pocket clip can go in four positions, tip up or down, left or right pocket. For a small EDC folder, this is as good as it gets. If you want an assisted opening afordable folder, consider the Kershaw Cryo.
Don’t forget to get some basic knife fighting training. If you already bought my first book "The Modern Survival Manual" check the chapter on knives where I explain how to use one for self-defense. Knowing how and where to strike turns a knife into a devastating weapon in close quarters, especially at contact range.
Best of luck!
Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


MJX said...

I like knives myself, especially Scandinavian ones. There was a book on handle making that probably is out of print now. A knife would come in handy in self defense, as long as one is trained in using it. Think a top quality pepper spray would be my first line of defense, if I didn't have a firearm. I'm sensing that if the economy unravels, we are in for some scary times here in the US.

Anonymous said...

Although inexperienced in this regard, I find a fingerhole on a theoretical level to be essential in a knife. A sudden fall or hit to the head will too easily make you drop a knife and are things that are difficult to simulate in training.