Thursday, November 29, 2018

One of the Best gun deals for Survivalists: Glock 22 Police Trade-ins in 40 S&W


Trade in Glock 22s over at sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore

My all-time favourite gun for self defense is the Glock 31 in 357 SIG. Very much the same gun shape as the Glock 17, the Glock 31 holds 15 +1 rounds of 357SIG which when loaded with the right ammunition replicates the ballistics of the venerable 125gr JHP 357 magnum from a 4 inch barrel.
Having said that there’s nothing wrong with a Glock 17 9mm, which I must admit will also get the job done, ammo is much cheaper and readily available and holds 17+1 rounds.

If you have only one gun, make that a Glock 17 or Glock 19, simple as that. But what if we could cheat a little? Here’s where the Glock 22 comes in. Police across America are moving back to 9mm and the market is flooded with trade-in Glock 40s. Other than the barrel, the Glock 22 in 40 S&W is the exact same gun as the Glock 31 in 357 SIG. 357SIG being for all practical purposes a necked down 40S&W to 9mm, the only difference is the barrel.

You can change a Glock 22 into 357SIG just by buying a spare barrel and a Glock 31 can shoot 40 S&W if you get a spare barrel just as well. Making things even more interesting, both the 22 and 31 can fire 9mm if you buy a 9mm conversion barrel. This barrel has the exterior dimensions of a 40S&W/357SIG barrel, but a 9mm bore and chamber. You want to get Glock 17 9mm magazines as well even if the 40/357 ones can be used with mostly good results.

So with a 300 buck trade in Glock 22, and a couple hundred bucks more on spare barrels in 357 SIG and 9mm (Lone Wolf or any other good manufacturer) you have the best combat handgun currently available, firing the two most common pistol calibers and 357SIG for that extra bit of power and flat trajectory, long range shooting.

Throw in a 22LR conversion kit and you're covering 99% of your realistic handgun needs.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


Anonymous said...

It took some searching, but I held out for a slightly used G30 (.45acp) taken home for less than $350 at a pawn shop. I already had a G21 full size from years ago and .45ACP is my personal favorite so is why I went there. The little one even uses the largers magazine with no issues.

Never been a fan of the .40 S&W, I just never warmed up to it. But that is one helluva good price - thanks for letting us know about them.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic 1 size does all scenario!

So, to use .9mm in the G22, do I use G17 mags? or will the rounds feed from the G22 mags?

I assume the .357G rounds will function from the G22 mags, as they are 40s&w rounds necked down to 9mm -- correct?