Monday, December 17, 2018

Victorinox Classic: #1 Selling Pocket & Folding Knife in Amazon

Why is it?
It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the Victorinox Classic is as popular as it is, #1 Best Selling folding knife in Amazon. After all, we’ve all see it numerous times, everyone seems to have one in their keys, their desk, purse or somewhere around the house.
When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The tiny blade in the Classic is more often than not all you need to open boxes, cut some tape, envelopes, cord and so on. For daily, mundane tasks, 9 out of 10 that tiny knife is all you need. Then there’s the scissors which many love. They can be used for trimming nails, cutting paper articles, string, labels and the list goes on. The file/small flat screwdriver combo is also great for general poking, scrapping and prying tasks. There’s of course the toothpick and tweezers as well. 

Pen and LED light options

Another tool I find terribly useful in my keychain is to have a pen, and the Victorinox Signature does just that, adding a pen to the Classic.

The Signature Lite also adds an LED light which makes for an ideal, all in one keychain mini tool.

A better mini keychain tool?

The Minichamp is the biggest model of the Victorinox small format family. While still compact, it is the heaviest of the bunch and not as minimalistic as the beloved Classic. I guess that for some people, the Minichamp, even though small, is still a bittoo big.

That’s where in my opinion the Rambler and Manager models come into play. These are just a bit of a step up from the Classic, but including the Phillips screw driver and bottle opener. This is maybe the most useful too in the Minichamp, right after the actual blade. The Manager model includes a pen and tweezer while the Rambler has the classic tweezer and toothpick combo.

Whatever it is you like best, there’s a mini Victorinox out there that will fit your needs perfectly.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


Anonymous said...

That pen on the Manager really does make every day tasks easier. I handle that with a Leatherman Style CS, Victronix pen and BIC lighter inside a Mentos plastic capped sleeve. Takes care of EDC tasks in the office with zero problems.

Keep an older Minichamp on my keychain. Lost the scales years ago - more compact. Keep a 'thataway' aviators compass on a lanyard, along with a Vic Classic and #14 James needle wrapped inside a coffee stirrer straw on my person 24/7. Remove it only when I shower (yes, even sleep with it on, I've grown accustomed to it).

Malkar said...

I had a Minichamp, but found that everything I needed was on the Rambler, except a scissors. However the scissors on knives just don't cut it : ) I carry a small folding scissors from Amazon, about $2.64. ( It cuts everything including hair and is the most used item that I carry. I have no stock or financial interest in them, but I do have 2 of them because they are so functional.

Malkar said...

I used to carry the Minichamp, but found that everything I used, except a scissors, was on the Rambler. I have never used a knife based scissors that I liked, so I carry a folding scissors, only $2.64 on Amazon ( It is the most use item that I carry and is sturdy, highly functional, much easier to use than a Victorinox type scissors, and fits easily with my keys and the Rambler. It even cuts hair nicely. Full disclosure, I have no financial ties to the company that sells them. Good enough that I have 2 because I don’t want to be without one.