Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Review: Hiking with Salomon Quest Forces Boots

Hope everyone had a great New Year.

Today I took my Salomon Quest Forces on a little hike. About 20 km, 3200 feet

Cant ask for better weather

Not much of challenge but I wanted to soften them a bit. I have worn them several times before but not much hiking. I mostly use either my grey Salomon Quests 4D GTX or my Salomon Ultra 2. These last ones are my go to shoes most of the time given the warmer climate. My grey Quests are already nicely broken in and just feel more comfortable. The Forces one are still a tad stiff.

So how did they do? Well, as expected they did great. Didn’t get to soften them much but it’s a boot that doesn’t need it much anyway because they are very comfortable from the go.

The trail was a rocky mountain trail. Lots of loose pebbles and rocks, at times covering larger rock surfaces which felt like walking on marbles. I was careful not to fall and after kicking the rocks out of the way the boots provided sure footing on the smooth rock surface. Some people don’t believe boots provide ankle support. I don’t agree with them at all. Many times I stepped in the most messed up angle and I could feel the boot help improve the support in those instances.

Pretty rocky trail though

What can I say that most people don’t already know about the legendary Quest boots?  They are just high quality, premium footwear. Not cheap but worth every cent. Comfortable, solid, don’t slip where other shoes do. The anti-debris mesh actually worked for me today. I like the locking eyelets a lot too. The toe cap and heel cap are an appreciated feature that keeps your boot from tearing against the rocks. The Goretex didn’t feel particularly hot, but of course you want to take breaks, take your boots and socks off and let them dry when taking a break on the trail.
Image result for amazon salomon quest forces navajo
Love them. If you’re looking for a great boot that is light, comfortable yet tough, and don’t look half bad with a pair of jeans,  give the Salomon Quest 4D GTX a good long look.


Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is the author of “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” and “Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying is not an Option”


Jackal said...

Thanks for the review as I’ve been looking at these exact boots only in black. I will be buying these in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

For $249.00 they better be good!

Homer said...

Just wish they was offered in extra wide.