Monday, October 14, 2019

5 Tips to Prepare for the coming 2020 Argentine Crisis

This is the English version of a video I did for my Spanish Channel in youtube.

People in Argentina are worried because Cristina Kirchner is, against all odds, likely to regain power in 2020. She leads in the primaries by 20 points and people are already talking about her return. And many are worried.

These are the five tips I go over in the video.

1)Arm yourself and get training. Most people reading this blog are already well armed but in South America it’s not as common as in USA. Buy a good, reliable weapon and get the training you need to use it properly. My advice is to go with a good old boring Glock 17. The thing just works. For those that don’t fancy firearms much, go with a 357 magnum revolver with a 4” barrel. Load it with 38 at first, 357 once you are used to it. Its just 6 shots but for people with more limited training it’s the kind of handgun that is far less likely to suffer user-caused malfunctions. An AR rifle is an affordable and well known platform to complete the battery, especially for those living in the country or in larger residences.

2)Food and water. You don’t need to go with fancy prepper food. Rice, beans, dry pasta, canned vegetables and tuna. Have at least a week worth of water, a gallon per person per day.

3) Emergency funds. Start with cash for a rainy day. Build that up until you have a months’ worth of expenses. Cash is still very much king when SHTF, even during financial downturns. Expand and procure some precious metals. Look into Bitcoin, it has several advantages for economic collapses and people in Venezuela, Argentina and African countries have used bitcoin as their local currencies failed.If you want to give it a try, Coinbase is by far the largest and safest company to get some bitcoin from. Using my affiliate link ( ) for a first time buyer if you buy 100 USD you get 10% more, meaning 110USD worth of bitcoin and I get a 10 USD commission as well (thanks!). You also get a bitcoin wallet which you can safely use from your phone to buy and sell bitcoin and other currencies, send and receive crypto currency safely. Don’t put anything you can’t afford to lose into crypto but definitely give it a try.

4) Batteries, solar chargers and good flashlights. Rolling blackouts are very likely to return with the new government.

5) Passports, second citizenships and a plan to get the hell out of there if all hell breaks loose. I’ve talked about second citizenships a lot and cant emphasize the importance of having it. Look into your family tree and if you can get one through any means, by God do it! It is probably the best advice I could ever give you. Even if you never plan on using it, you just never know what could happen five, ten, let alone twenty years from now or more and citizenship is something you can pass down to your kids.

Take care folks.


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Anonymous said...

Hello, and thank you for the advice!
Here is an example of the need to clean water....

Fetching water from a mountainside in the Venezuelan capital Caracas.CreditCreditMeridith Kohut for The New York Times By Anatoly Kurmanaev and Isayen Herrera Oct. 19, 2019, 10:13 a.m. ET The brick shack on the outskirts of Venezuela’s capital is crowded with tubs, jugs and buckets. The water they hold must last the family of eight for a week — but it’s not enough for frequent washing or flushing, so the kitchen is filled with greasy pots and the house smells of stale urine. And none of the water is treated, making diarrhea and vomit a regular occurrence. “We practically live in the bathroom,” said the mother of the family, Yarelis Pinto. Her pregnant daughter, Yarielys, sat nearby, pale and listless, recovering from her latest bout of diarrhea just one month away from childbirth. In Venezuela, a crumbling economy and the ...

Drinkable Water is one thing one can not live without

Steve said...

Exit to where, riots and instability are growing in every corner of the planet.