Wednesday, November 13, 2019

5 Tips for Dealing with Protests, Riots and Civil Unrest

Given the current situation around the world we keep seeing more and more events where riots or volatile protests and demonstrations take place.

Having dealt with them more times than I care to remember, here's a video with some advice.

1) Stay the hell away. This is pretty obvious, but by far the most useful/valuable advice. Avoid the mess entirely.
2) Don’t confront. If you happen to see one of these proud liberal "woke" creatures, don’t talk to them, don’t interact. Nothing good can possibly come out of it. They certainly will NOT change their mind.
3) If driving, keep driving, don’t ever stop, don’t get out of the vehicle. Keep moving slowly and don’t let anger get the best of you, even if they kick or hit your car. Just not worth it.
4) Learn to estimate distances as explained in the video. If you can see the persons face and tell the skin color, you're too close. If you can see clearly clothes, backpacks and whatever it is they are carrying, you’re definitely too close!
5) Estimate the crowd and if the police is enough to deal with it if the protest becomes violent.

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1 comment:

Karl said...

"Estimate the crowd and if the police is enough to deal with it if the protest becomes violent."

Often the point is not whether the police is enought to deal with the protest if it becomes violent, but whether the police is WILLING to deal with the protest. Might well happen (has happened) that the police will simply stand idle while protesters beat people up, riot etc. Very often they will rather retreat than engage the protesters.

So my advice is, estimate whether the police will use force to protect you if the protesters turn violent. If yes, how much force? Will they merely use pepper spray and batons? Are they and the government sympathetic to the protesters?