Thursday, January 9, 2020

Eickhorn FK2000... Made in Germany

The Eickhorn FK2000 Field knife is made in Solingen, Germany. Eickhorn manufactures knives and bayonets for the German Army. The FK2000 Field Knife is a 55Si7 steel, 7 inch blade, VERY similar to the Kabar blade geometry, but with a much stronger handle and tang. Think of it as if a Glock Knife and a Kabar Fighting Utility Knife had a German baby.

The knife works as a wire cutter along with the sheath.

Next to a Mora Clipper.

In a nutshell its a nice, very nice, combat utility knife, made in Germany.  I wouldnt say fancy, maybe classy is the right word, yet at the same time besides the cool factor its an excellent knife on its own right.

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Shark said...

DAMN IT, MAN! I love a good quality knife. Don't tempt me like this!