Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fidel Castro on Guns (priceless!)

I Found this jewel in a Cuban, pro Cuban website, “Cuba Debates, Against Media Terrorism” (jejeje..)  But really, this is an original transcript from “El Comandante” Fidel Castro Ruz, January 8, 1959, after violently overthrowing the government.
I could hardly believe it when I read it since I never saw it translated to English, so I took the time to make the translation. This is priceless! I mean, it’s the best evidence for the pro gun case I’ve ever read, and directly from Fidel’s mouth himself. I mean, if you don’t understand why the population SHOULD be properly armed after reading this, there’s something very wrong with you.
Feel free to repost, just remember to link back to give proper credit for the translation. Enjoy!

First, good old Fidel shows a bit of concern about guns in the hands of civilians, after rolling into Havana after defeating Batista’s armed forcee. Remember, this is the original transcript of the speech he made at the time, archived in a Cuban website.

..."And all this I say, because I want to ask the people a question; I want to ask the people a question that I’m much interested in, so that they answer: ¿Why stockpile weapons illegally at this time? Why hide caches of guns in different places of the Capital? ¿Why smuggle guns now? ¿What for?
And I say that there are elements of a certain revolutionary organization that are hiding guns (The crowd cries back:”Lets find them!”) that are storing guns, and are smuggling guns. All the guns that the Rebel Army took are in the military bases, not one has been touched, no one has taken a single one home, nor has anyone hidden them; they are locked in the bases, same in Pinar del Rio, in La Cabaña, Camaguey and Oriente, trucks have not been loaded with guns to hide them anywhere, because those guns should be in the bases.
Y will ask a question, because talking clearly and analizing th e problems is how you resolve them, and I am resolved to do what I can to solve them as they should be solved: UIT reason and intelligence, and the influence of public opinión, that is the one that rules, not the use of force; because if I believed in the use of force, that problems should be solved with the use of force, there would be no need to talk with the population, nor bring up this problem, but go get those guns! (Applause)"...

This is so funny. The guy just took control of the country with the use of force (and those guns) and just hours later he preaches about talking to solve problems rather than using guns! (which he will take and keep locked for safekeeping) What a genius!

But he’s still worried about those “hidden guns” , so after a bit of more communist propaganda he continues:

..."Y will ask you a question: ¿Guns for what? ¿To fight against whom? ¿Against the Revolutionary Government, that has the support of the people?(exclamations of: “No!”) ¿Is it the same the magistrate Urrutia governing the Republic than Batista governing the Republic? (exclamations of: “No!”)
¿Guns for what?, ¿Is there a dictatorship here?(exclamations of: “No!”) Are you going to fight against a free government, that respects the rights of the people? (Exclamations of: “!No”)¿Now that there’s no censorship, and the press is entirely free, more so than ever before, and that it has the assurance that it will continue to be so forever, without censorship ever returning here? (applause) ¿Today, that all the people can gather freely?, ¿Today, that there’s no torture, no political prisoners, no murder or terror? ¿Today that there’s only happiness, that all the traitor leaders in the syndicates have been destroyed, and that there’s going to be elections in every syndicate? (Applauses) When all the rights of the people have been reestablished, when elections will be held as soon as possible, ¿Guns, for what? ¿Hide guns, for what? ¿To blackmail the President of the Republic?, ¿ To threaten to disturb the peace?, ¿To create gangster organizations?, ¿Are we going back to gangsterism? ¿ Are we going back to daily shootings on the streets of the Capital? ¿Guns, what for?"...

He's really worried about those scary guns!. :-) There a couple little pearls in the speech too:

...”We never needed the use of force, because we have the people, and besides because the day that the people just looks at us with a sour face, just makes a sour face alone, we shall leave. (Applauses)"...

After joke after joke on freedom of speak and how they would leave immediately if the people didn’t want them any more; there’s more anti gun propaganda. 

 ...“Guns must be kept in military bases, no one here has the right to have his own army”...

I think his speech explains beautifully why the people SHOULD be armed, to precisely avoid tyrants and dictators such as himself.

My next post will be about Uruguay and why it’s an interesting alternative for expats and as a plan B or C location. People have been emailing me about this and I’ll try to write a good post about it.
I liked Uruguay a lot during my visit and the more I read about Uruguay the better it looks.
Take care folks.



Anonymous said...

I had a neigbhor already leave for job in Uruguay. I would say that he is probably a smarter fellow than myself. Of the rest of folks around here, maybe 50% are stocked up. While this encouraging, things will be tough for a very long time.

Joseph said...

This seems to be a common mindset for revolutionaries. After the victory, "You don't need guns. We are in charge now. There is total freedom, total transparency. No torture, and no secret trials, no executions...(Unless the people think you deserve it. Or you are a threat to the people. Or to the revolution.) So you don't need guns!! We will protect you now!!"

Anonymous said...

> My next post will be about
> Uruguay and why it’s an
> interesting alternative for
> expats and as a plan B or C
> location.

When looking for a plan B or C location, here is another way to look at the situation:
America: Love it or (if you're rich enough) leave it?

Anonymous said...

Is the American revolution the only one to end up with Constitutions providing the means for another revolution via the right to keep and bear arms?

If nothing else, Castro's swift 180 on force is emblematic of Communist revolutions once they take power. Thanks FerFal, for showing how quickly it happened and how much their sheep brayed in approval. It is very like Animal Farm.

Anonymous said...


AS LONG AS THEY HAVE POWER AND CONTROL, "You don't need guns. We are in charge... There is total freedom (THEIR DEFINITION< NOT YOURS) total transparency.(THEIR DEFINITION< NOT YOURS) No torture,(THEIR DEFINITION< NOT YOURS) and no secret trials, no executions...(Unless the people think you deserve it. Or you are a threat to the people. Or to THOSE IN POWER OR CONTROL.) So you don't need guns!! We will protect you now!!"

There, fixed it for you.

The revolutionaries who created The Articles of Confederation didn't take the people's guns, I guess that's part of what made them so truly revolutionary.

Now I know what to say to those people who tell me I don't need guns, they're just like Castro & all the other Communist. Bullies.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. Not at all surprising. You mentioned early in the article that anyone who reads Castro's speech and is still anti-gun, there is something wrong with that person. I've always felt strongly that anti-gun people are deranged. With the obvious signs of where America is heading, why would any intelligent, rational person oppose guns for defense? I believe being anti-gun in our dangerous world is a form of psychosis.

Stir the Pot said...

You looked relaxed & near a smile in the Uruguay photo, first I've seen you like that.

Must have been a good time.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Uruguay now officialy a first world nation?

Of course if you have a revolution you expect a counter revolution and Cuba has had invasion attempts and god know how many other attempts on Castro's life.
Whats really surprising is the CIA's failure to overthrow Castro and so much effort and previous sucesses worldwide.

Bones said...

Hitler talked openly about the "big lie" in "mein kampf". Despite the admission, people believed him when he told them the things they wanted hear. Just as they believed Lenin and Stalin, and Mao...

The only way in which obama can be counted as a world class leader is in the sheer number of lies he's told.

Anonymous said...

"why would any intelligent, rational person oppose guns for defense?"

Half the answer is in a part of this comment:

"...I have decided to just NOT KNOW rather than using immagination and going with my own conspiracy theories. Why concentrate on what we are against and do not agree with? Is it not better to focus on what we are thankful for and be happy?"


How can people ignore the troubles of the world and hear only Happy Talk if they consider the dangers of the world?

...anti-gun (and anti-truth) people Are deranged.

DaShui said...

Mexico, being a revolutionary state, has a second amendment modeled after Americas. However the government does not allow (non-rich,non connected) civilians to own guns. That's why I laugh a constitutional fundamentalists-it's not the paper, its the people.

Saddam had less gun control than Washington DC. I thought he was an evil dictator?

Anonymous said...

I read an article about guns awhile back and it had a lot of anti-gun comments attached to it, mostly from Euopeeans. I was simply gagged by their thought process, and I'm glad I don't know anyone like them, to my knowledge. They do seem to all be a bit like Castro and the Plastic People.


I've found it difficult to forget their anti-gun comments, it's as if they don't have much will to live, or any desire to protect those they care about. I'm shocked at how widespread this condition is.

I imagine Ferfal gets a number of these types of comments too and it's probably a bit frustrating reading them.

Here's the link if you're so inclined to be sickened by those who think guns are bad and using a telephone is a person's best line of self-defense:


Reading the article also made me feel pretty good about Ferfal's recommendations, even though they were not a carbon copy of Ferfal's opinions, it gave me something to compare his recommendations against and it made Ferfal's words seem all the more solid and true.