Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kids and Knives

Hey Ferfal,
     What a great article on the SAK and kids!  It's awesome that you remember what its like as a kid, too many people forget and get wrapped up in fear of the child hurting himself.  I recently gave my two daughters a couple of folding knives to introduce them to the responsibility of weapons.  About 6 months later my oldest (7yrs) came and told me that my youngest (6 yrs) needed me.  She had cut a large slice in her hand, looking to require stitches.  I am a medic and had returned from Iraq about a year prior, so I took out my aid bag and stitched her up, 7 stitches.  It was a great learning experience for her, reference knife safety and the reality of sharp edges, and it was a great bonding experience for the both of us.  The wound has since healed but the lesson will live on.  I've read your book and appreciate the knowledge and insight you have, keep up the good work!---Ross

Hi Ross, thanks for your email and thank you for your service.
I think that a sharp but small blade is an ok compromise between a sharp tool and something that isn’t that large. Making the typical mistakes is safer with a small knife.
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