Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sugar rationed in Argentina

This has been going on for some time now. There's usually limits to how much you can buy. I remember for a long time after 2001, milk was sometimes rationed as well. I usually see the limit being 2 or 3 kg. packs, but this time its just 1.
Of course, I've already build up a good supply but still buy whenever I go to the supermarket.
Also, check the price, 6.19 pesos at a 1 dollar: 4 pesos exchange rate. Remember this isn't USA folks, we earn pesos here, and we have loads of sugar cane fileds up north. 



Anonymous said...

It's funny. I was laying in some stocks of sugar and flour. Every year we bake a bunch at Xmas and we then stock up after New Years.

Over the past two weeks, there has been a sale running. Sugar is on sale at .50 a lb. Call it four pesos per kg.

NO LIMITS. I used to buy the large bags. And I still do. But I've been laying in the ten lb bags of sugar and flour.

One note about flour. If you put two bay leaves in a ten lb bag of flour it should NOT get any of the black weevils (other bug) that seems attracted to the way the flour is processed.

Anyway, I was in line with 100 lbs of sugar and 50 lbs of flour. Guy behind me asked if I had a still at home. NAH, we just cook from scratch.

Of course I went to one of the 'other' grocery stores - competing chains - and their price was similar. So I got 100 lbs of flour in ten lb bags. And 50 lbs of sugar in ten lb bags and 75 lbs of sugar in twenty five lb bags.


gaga said...

Milled grains have a very short life span - about 1 year. Un-milled wheat has a 25 year storage life span in comparison.
Sugar has an almost unlimited storage life.

Anonymous said...

I've also read you should freeze your flour for a few days to kill anything in it.

K said...

Doctors (and everyday folks) have used sugar and honey throughout history to treat cuts, burns and other wounds.

Read more: How to Use Honey or Sugar to Treat Wounds


Anonymous said...

While there are certainly some virtues to sugar and honey, the advice on that "eHow" page isn't so great.

Hydrogen Peroxide not only cleans wounds by killing the bad guys, it also destroys good tissue. H2O2 should not be used indiscriminately on wounds.