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Bunker/ Man Cave Combo

If you’re stocking up on gear and supplies you probably find yourself looking for extra space around the house. Stuff just seems to multiply and pile around you when you turn to survival and preparedness lifestyle. Buckets and cans of food, bottles of water, ammo, not to mention the safe with guns. Even if you just procure the basics they do take up a considerable amount of space. The advice is usually to create such space and make the most of what you have. From adding shelves to your pantry so as to take advantage of every cubic inch to looking under the bed or in dressers, there’s ways to fit much more than you previously thought possible. But then there’s those lucky guys that have lots of space to play with or a basement, or are just about to add a garage or expand the existing one so why not add that …”wine cellar” , you always wanted?

The Bunker

Depending on the house and the project that needs to be done it may not be as expensive as it would seem. If you have to make a concrete slab for a new structure anyway you might as well spend a few thousand more and have that shelter made. If you happen to have a basement then its just a matter of doing a bit of work, the hardest and most expensive part is already done.
Does having a shelter or bunker make sense? I think it does. Especially in a country like USA, there’s always the possible terrorist attack or war. The shelter would be pretty much mandatory in hurricane country. It can save you during chemical accidents or forest fires. In this day and age, chemical or biological agents could be used against the population. There’s the possibility of a dirty bomb. After an earthquake, the shelter may be the only structure left standing that is still safe to inhabit. What a blessing it would be when the rest of your house is destroyed. The unlikely yet possible scenarios are countless. The point is simply that a safe, bomb proof “bunker” is very appealing from a survivalists perspective. Having the blast door, right construction and proper air filtration system turns your basement play room into a NBC shelter. It´s not that difficult, it´s not an impossible dream.
Man Cave

Jeff Copper's Man Cave
Telling your friends and family you have a NBC bunker will earn you a “weirdo” stare or two, but instead saying you have a trendy “man Cave” is much more sociably acceptable.

Your… “man cave”… just happens to be built in the basement or under the new shed or garage. Oh, and the theme of your “man cave” could be a frontier trading post, nuclear era memorabilia (all the preps around the place are just for decoration, of course)
What I consider to be the best thing about this double purpose is that the shelter is no longer a dead space saved for an unlikely scenario, a space you never get to use. It’s a functional space and you use it often out of sheer pleasure.

The Advantages I see:

1)You have a NBC shelter for the countless scenarios it may come in handy.

2)You have more storage space.

3)Since its no longer a “shelter” but a “man cave”, your home now has and extra room if it goes into the market, one that is a sought after play room for guys.

4) You do get a space of your own, for your things, to work on projects, clean your guns and such.

Survivor Shack?

Even if you don’t have the money for something like this there’s still hope. If you manage to scrounge some square yards in your property a wood construction with a salvaged door and couple windows is easy to build with some skill and tools. You wont have the protection of an actual shelter of course, but you do get to have extra space for your gear and yourself. A TV and old couch and some of your gear tastefully distributed could create a space of your own.

If this is something you might be interested in, consider this book, ManSpace: A Primal Guide to Marking your Territory . I bought it some time ago and its pretty good. It has lots of stories and pictures of different “man caves” styles, from high end ones to self-made projects with salvaged materials.

Just some more ideas to consider.

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