Monday, May 23, 2011

Security Tip: “give away” Wallet

All situations are different. As much as we talk about armed self defense, depending on the situation involved in, a give away/throw away wallet is a wise alternative, another tool to work with.


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Uncle George said...

This should be standard for all people. A wallet in the normal pocket, full of ones, fives and even a ten dollar bill, plus some old credit cards with the name and number cut out will make the wallet look real. Usually the name and number on the credit card are down below in the pocket holding such cards inside the wallet, so it will not be obvious until the crook starts to remove all the cards after he has made off with the wallet. Do not have anything in the wallet that identifies you or reveals any address.

As FerFal says, this saves a lot of problems and potential legal hassles associated with violent resistance. If your circumstances permit, it is especially effective if you drop or toss the wallet to the side of or behind the crook. He will be interested in retrieving it, while you leave the area as fast as possible.

Anonymous said...

Ones and fives? I just put in those Jack Chick comics.

Matthew H. said...

Ferfal, hadn't been here in a while...but I must be thinking along the same lines as you lately. I just purchased a decoy safe today - more lightweight and in an easier to find area of my home. The real safe will have most of the loot and is much heavier. Smart??? New Orleans crime has greatly increased the past few months although I live in the 'burbs. Take care.

Dan said...

If you're using old credit cards (rather than gift cards or store cards) don't forget to run the magnetic stripe over a powerful magnet to scramble the info. Otherwise cutting off the name won't do you much good.

Anonymous said...

Good advice. I'll make one up.

Last week I ended up in a lousy area of New York City low on gas and forgot my wallet, but i had my altoids tin with $50 in it.

Next day after work I saw someone had knocked my side view mirror off and it was lying in the road. Gorilla Tape under seat fixed it in a minute and I was on my way home in NY rush hour where you must have your mirrors. All this came from advice I learned here. Thanks man.

Anonymous said...

My Great Aunt (b.1892) lived in Queens, NY most of her life and was independent until she was in her 80's. She advised my mother, to carry around a "fake purse." This purse contained items that would make a purse snatcher happy, but was not a big loss to her. It always included cash. Things of importance were hidden in pockets.

The movie, "Crossing Delancey," takes place in NYC. The main character's grandmother has a pocket sewn in her slip where she keeps her cash.

Smart women.

Anonymous said...

Great re: the purse in NY. I have recently witnessed 3 times violent attackers trying for a purse in NYC.
Not purse snatchers. Throw down and grab. On a crowded sidewalk. Great idea.